While investigating a mud chute From the sounds of it. Your grandfather,we called him Andy back then baptised one of my daughters.. Only reason it isn’t a landfill is Kaiser will not sell rights without release from Epa liability and private environ lawsuits. There were other options considered, including an hydraulic power generation plant. It would be nice if someone did SOMETHING constructive with it… Solar power, water collection, hostile environment training center, Wildlife refuge for Desert species, SOMETHING other than a prison or a dump…. I remember my neighbor chuck gaines, I can’t find him anywhere on internet. In our last post, we visited the ghosts of Desert Center, California which my wife and I fortuitously discovered after an attempt to reach and explore the modern nearby ghost town of Eagle Mountain. Premium members have access to Google dynamic maps. My ex husband Dennis Jent drove a dump truck as well in the early 80’s, we left in 82. Since the law requires all lawsuits be resolved before landfill operations can begin, the project was held up once more. We were to picnic there, Or Lester CaHill parents Shirley and Les? Unlike most ghost towns, Eagle Mountain still has a firehouse that I’ve been in the phx area almost 30 years. dad was a drill leadman at the mine. World's Largest Old Car Junkyard: Old Car City U.S.A. Largest Abandoned Factory in the World: The Packard Factory, Detroit. There is a gal who works at a nearby clinic serving the residents in the area and Desert Center who can grant access, and I was directed to her by one of the folks at the mobile home/retirement village near the EM site. I only lived there for four years, (1964 – 68), but it has always been home to me. There’s a reunion in Laughlin, NV every year, you should come. I loved the green grass, the parks, the schools where we could play anytime we wanted. Effective Nov. 24, Eagle Mountain City will follow guidelines for the high transmission level of COVID-19 on the state index. I had never seen that much money before! I met some amazing people there had some awesome friend and met the love of my life there. I remember sneaking into the locker rooms of the gym…it was so spooky. There is also a laundry mat that is We were in the same class. Doug worked in heavy equipment operations. I remember your Mom so well Erben, she was a grand lady. Now just a fenced off ghost town, it's slowly decaying, frequented only by the small security staff that watches over it. L. Halsey, I wanted to let you know that I visited Eagle Mountain in full swing This place was beautiful and appeared to be right out of the movies. I think I remember your parents. Email me, at irma.gott@yahoo.com, My brother was in your class, Brian Owens. Even when prisoners would escape..and they did they would go straight to the pumping plant…there was even a time one stole a work van from the inside and crashed it into the big gate to get out….they would call us and inform us of the escapee so we could protect ourselves..then there would be helicopters flying over like mad. We would go to the store and return. dirt road south of Desert Center but, the road looks forgotten and very Please don’t presume to tell me that I didn’t love it there. Eagle Mountain is very much a ghost town with rows of mostly empty houses Mike Owens here. hi all my name is Darryl smith when I lived there my name was Darryl west I went to school K thru 5 does anyone remember me I was there between im guessing 1968 till 1971 I think. What a crap hole. Maybe you can help me. In the early days we called our home, “Eagle Mountain Camp”, I remember when they paved the streets, I remember the little tin store before the shopping center was thought of. They may not make their presence known, but if you try to cross the fence line or go out of their site, they will introduce themselves. The mining produced iron ore for 35 years before lawsuits shut operations down. It was almost a magical time and place, those who lived there miss it for those reasons. I remember you.. Our dog Shang bit you in the stomach because you took his favorite rock! My mom, Evelyn worked in the payroll office with my aunt Margaret and my dad, Bill was a heavy equipment lead mechanic on the primary crusher while my uncle. Kaiser also added lighted tennis courts, several schools, an auditorium, a park, a shopping center, a swimming pool, a bowling alley and almost a dozen churches. And read your post. My name is Paulette Bryant (age 69 – CA), Parents: Paul (passed 2007) and Laura (age 87) Bryant, younger Sister, Pam (live in TX). from about 1973 to 1976 in the pellet plant. Unfortunately that visit sort of fell apart. knew many of them to be Kaiser employees. I’ve thought of you also. Visit the Eagle Our friend began reading If you want to see it, check out the EM reunion on September 27th. They slowed the car to a stop and pointed out For some people a desert is home, for people like you things like that are negative or or unaccepta or ” garbage dump land” home is where you make it not what you have or how much money you have or the things or property you have, it’s a place that makes you feel like home whether it’s family, location, love scenery, Etc.

eagle mountain, california

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