The Axebreakers The Copperpots The Mithril-born The Silverbeards The Blue Mountain Clan The Craghaven Dwarves The Ironhelms The Craghold … [29]Monster Mythology (1992) included details about his priesthood. Finding the perfect dwarf name is tough as there may be character traits that you would like to tailor your naming to. Since they live in mountains and underground, they normally have light brown or deep tan skin; symbols of their connection to the earth that surrounds them. [18] His role in the cosmology of the Planescape campaign setting was described in On Hallowed Ground (1996). A dwarf with no name is one that committed the most heinous of crimes. Having a good name and theme is the hallmark of a great atmosphere. She is an intermediate deity that is of the Lawful Good alignment. [4] He was detailed in the book Monster Mythology (1992), including details about his priesthood. These outsiders tend to become artisans or bodyguards; great options, thanks to their dedication and loyalty. [10], Moradin appears again in the 3.5 revised Players Handbook (2003). Living Greyhawk: Volume 1, Number 3. Dwarven Traits. He is of the Chaotic Good alignment, his domains are Chaos, Good, Knowledge and is worshiped by dwarves and some gnomes who are scholars, inventors, engineers, or tinkers. Nuranmorlim Runemaul. Her holy symbol is a mountain with a ruby heart; she places rubies in the earth as gifts to miners, who do her husband's work. Dwarf Race Details. [10]Template:Rp Deep Duerra received a detailed description in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition sourcebook Demihuman Deities (1998),[7] and is described in the Dungeons & Dragons third edition book Faiths and Pantheons (2002).[10]. [23] Clanggedin Silverbeard's role in the Forgotten Realms is revisited in Faiths and Pantheons (2002). Sharindlar (I): Goddess of healing, mercy, romantic love, fertility, dancing, courtship, the moon. [28] He is the creator deity of the first dwarves out of earthen materials in the Dungeons & Dragons lore. Dwarves possess the following unique traits 1. Ulaa's realm in the Outlands is called the Iron Hills. [4] Thard Harr received a detailed description in Demihuman Deities (1998),[7] and is described in Faiths and Pantheons (2002). Dwarves are one of the races detailed in Races of Stone (2004). Ábria Aca Acaida Adal Clans are essentially social classes, and even dwarves out in the world care about their clan affiliation immensely. Ability Score Increase. They have longevity of memory that is rarely seen in the Forgotten Realms… and unlike elves, the grudges they hold stay strong. Master the Dungeon's DnD Name Generator is a list based generator. Male dwarves value their beards highly and groom them carefully. [4], The dwarven pantheon was detailed in the book Monster Mythology (1992), including details about their priesthoods. Muamman Duathal was first detailed in the book Monster Mythology (1992), including details about his priesthood. This name has been reused over the generations, and likely comes from a place of legend. Dumathoin is a rival of his brother Abbathor and shares the Dwarven Mountain on the Outlands with Dugmaren and Vergadain. February 2001. [6] Moradin received a very detailed description for his role in the Forgotten Realms in Demihuman Deities (1998). Learn more with our Oath of Glory 5E Guide! As such, you should take similar care when naming one! Dugmaren shares the Dwarven Mountain on the Outlands with Dumathoin and Vergadain. Introduced in the Player’s Handbook, dwarves are skilled in almost every physical profession. [10] In the Forgotten Realms, Muamman is revered only as an aspect of the god Marthammor Duin. 5. Bruce R. Cordell, Ed Greenwood, Chris Sims (August 2008). Your Strength score increases by 2 and your Constitution score increases by 1. [17] He also appeared in the original Unearthed Arcana (1985). He is the only evil power in the dwarven pantheon of Morndinsamman, but is tolerated and supports the other deities in conflicts. Check out our Kobold Names Guide for some examples. In order to gain access to a kingdom, an outsider needs to earn a dwarves’ trust, a long and painful process at times. That being said, this name generator relies on all sorts of name data from from multiple sources to give you the best names for your Dungeons and Dragons character. Spring, 591 CY. Our name generator utility will create random given names, surnames, or full names for your use. They lead hunts, act as generals and representatives of their race. Despite being less than 5 feet tall, a dwarf’s huge build makes them comparable (weight-wise) to a normal human. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He is married to Berronar Truesilver and lives with her in Erackinor, on the plane of Mount Celestia. [18] His role in the cosmology of the Planescape campaign setting was described in On Hallowed Ground (1996). [26] Marthammor Duin appears in 3rd edition in Faiths and Pantheons (2002). [16] In Dragon #92 (December 1984), Gary Gygax indicated this as one of the deities legal for the Greyhawk setting. Clans are groups of Dwarves with a direct bloodline that use the same last name. Dwarf Names. In the Roll4 D&D Dwarf Name Generator, the names of dwarves have strong guttural stops, and harsh vowels. Often, he carries a weathered staff. Abbathor manifests as a very large dwarf, fat and piggy-eyed. [4] Haela Brightaxe received a detailed description in Demihuman Deities (1998) and a detailed revisitation in Faiths and Pantheons (2002).[7]. His followers tend to be suspicious and isolationist, and they rarely willingly interact with outsiders. "From the Sorcerer's Scroll: Clerics live by other rules". Dwarves often dress in earth tones to match their underground abode. "The Folk of the Underworld.". Dwarven adventurers are typically after gold or their quest to prove themselves. [33] Ulaa was one of the deities described in the From the Ashes set (1992), for the Greyhawk campaign. He is also the dwarven god of lightning, which he uses as an omen. Redman, Rich, Skip Williams, and James Wyatt. The dwarf, including the dwarf bolter and the dwarf hammerer, appears as a monster in the fourth edition Monster Manual (2008). I have a dwarf I am working with now named Vorik the clean-shaven right now. Dwarves are a practical race, and as such most Dwarven last names tend to be descriptive of their appearance, skills, physical ability, demeanor or a title of accomplishment. Ulaa was first detailed for the Dungeons & Dragons game in the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting (1983), by Gary Gygax. names that (optionally) begin with. All dwarves have a given name, often taken from a grandparent, and a clan name. He carries a two-handed mattock made from solidified magma. That means they have nearly half a century under their belt before they fall to old age. He shares the Dwarven Mountain on the Outlands with Dugmaren and Dumathoin. [3], Clanggedin Silverbeard was first detailed as part of the dwarven pantheon in the Forgotten Realms in Dwarves Deep (1990). Anak – Means ‘collar’ or ‘neck-chain’ in Hebrew. His symbol is an upright mace over a single leather boot trimmed with fur, or a mace clutched by a pair of gauntleted fists. With broad stature they weigh as much as a human, and are especially sturdy and stable on their feet. [3], The dwarven pantheon of the Forgotten Realms appeared in Dwarves Deep (1990), consisting of Moradin, Clanggedin Silverbeard, Sharindlar, Vergadain, Dumathoin, Abbathor, Berronar Truesilver, Marthammor Duin, Gorm Gulthyn, Haela Brightaxe, and Thard Harr. Dumathoin was first detailed in Roger E. Moore's article "The Dwarven Point of View," in Dragon #58 (TSR, 1982). [7] He is described as one of the good deities that celestials can serve in the supplement Warriors of Heaven (1999). Soulknife 5E Guide | Rogue Subclass from Tasha’s Cauldron, Phantom 5E Guide | Rogue Subclass from Tasha’s Cauldron, Fey Wanderer Ranger 5E Guide | Rules, Tips, Builds, and More, Oath of the Watchers 5E Guide | Watchers Paladin 5E, Way of the Astral Self 5E Guide | Long Death Monk 5e, Dwarves are the stout, stoic, stocky mountaineers of, , dwarves are skilled in almost every physical profession. Thus, take some time to figure out what kind of name works well for your dwarf. Related Articles. [13]Template:Rp, Thautam is an intermediate god of magic and darkness.[13]Template:Rp. Dumathoin is described as a gigantic male dwarf with a barrel chest. Clans and Kingdoms. [34] Ulaa's role in the 3rd edition Greyhawk setting was defined in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000). caurak "cavern" corl "to kill" corlar "killer" D [edit | edit source] daern "familiar" dauble "treasure, valuable" darsam "celestial deg "mustard, spice" dek "strong" deladar "to descend, to go down" … One or two letters work best! Whether you are playing Dungeons and Dragons or need a name for a video game character, these female dwarf names will do the trick. Dwarf-Orc can take any Dwarven, Half-Orc or other name. He is also known as the Finder of Trails, the Watcher over Wanderers, the Watchful Eye, and the Wanderer. [10] His priesthood is detailed for 3rd edition in Complete Divine (2004). Join the Scoundrel Game Labs Mailing List! Dwarven names are complex and deep. Bonus to attacks against orcs and goblinoids 6. [20], Gorm Gulthyn, also known as Fire Eyes, Lord of the Bronze Mask and the Eternally Vigilant, was a dwarven lesser deity who held the portfolios of defense and watchfulness and was the guardian of all dwarves. Age. Dwarves stand between 4 and 5 feet tall and average about 150 pounds. [12] Moradin is also included in the 4.0 edition handbook. Dwarf Names. Size. Blog Name Generator Give you a perfect Name For Your Site. Like most dwarven cultures, khordaldrum given names tend … Vergadain appears as a tall dwarf dressed in the brown and yellow garb of a merchant; often his clothes are tattered and dusty from his long travels. In many campaign settings for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, the Morndinsamman, the dwarven pantheon of gods, consists of the leader, Moradin, as well as Abbathor, Berronar Truesilver, Clanggedin Silverbeard, Dugmaren Brightmantle, Dumathoin, Muamman Duathal, and Vergadain. She was introduced in Dwarves Deep (1990). Short and Stout. One hundred different dwarves clan names. December 25, 2018. [7] Dumathoin's role in the Forgotten Realms is revisited in Faiths and Pantheons (2002). Age: Dwarves are considered young until they are 50. Bonus to Wisdom or Constitution Moradin appears as one of the deities described in the Player's Handbook for this edition (2014). He is the patron of dwarves who have left the clanholds to explore the world. Akadum Dwarves adore minerals and jewels, and thus they mine and trade to their heart’s content. He is a lesser deity of the Neutral Good alignment and has the domains of Good, Protection, Travel[30] Muamman appears as a weathered, nondescript dwarf dressed in plain clothes, usually green. Dwarf names often have strong consonants and seven syllables. Perhaps the clan was destroyed, or humiliated. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mentzer, Frank. Generate feminine masculine surname. She acts as Moradin's consort. Creating characters, dialogues, plots, and stories are some of my passions and I'm very happy being able to share some of them here, at Codex Nomina.

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