Panama City - Saltwater Fishing Report Right now you could go out into the bay or just off the beach and see large schools of bait getting hammered by game fish. February is similar to January. The target species will vary depending on the seasons, but some of the popular fish that are caught offshore are grouper, snapper, cobia, amberjack, king mackerel, barracuda, sharks and others. A long time favorite among North Florida charter captains, the King Mackerel is one of the largest and fastest of the Mackerel family and commonly reaches 30-40 lbs. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has set the recreational Red Snapper season for 2016 which will begin May 7th 2016 on Saturdays and Sundays. The result is much calmer seas and warmer water temperatures. In addition, cubera snapper and rooster fish seem particularly active during this time, due to the changing seasons. Hooking into an enormous blue marlin, getting into a fighting chair, and trying to reel it in is the thrill of a lifetime. Most of our Panama City Beach Fishing Charters target redfish in the Panama City Pass, this is one of the primary species that our guides catch, these “Pass” redfish are the “BULLS”, they range from 10-30lbs or more. Angler using light jigs and or live bait can entice a subtle bite. September inshore fishing conditions can be a great opportunity for salt water fl fisherman in panama city beach. While we do not believe that it is possible to predict what fish will be in the area months in advance, we’re happy to let you know what’s been biting and what we believe will be biting a few weeks prior to your trip. Out in the open water the mangrove and Spanish mackerel are starting to gather. The Panama City Beach area offers some very good fishing offshore. Red Snapper: May-August (June 1-July 15 ). The typical method of finding these fish in the spring is for our Bayboat guides to “run” the shallow sandbars from their center console towers and spot the large schools. Sheepshead offer great Family action for our clients visiting the Panama City Beach are in the spring and are a favorite for our young angles! Large schools of Bluefish follow the Spring groups of Spanish Mackerel into the near shore system. Panama City Beach offers some world-class tarpon fishing, our bay boats are perfectly suited for this type of sight fishing. Our Panama City Beach guides have developed an exciting way to fish to these hard pulling fish. Species: Amberjeck, Red Snapper, King Mackeral, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), Shark, Cobia, Wahoo, Tuna, alongside billfish and different species can be found with Panama City FL Fishing Charters. Cobia is one of the best eating fish to bless our waters. Mackerel and Mahi are in our crosshairs once our bag limit is maxed out. In Panama City Beach, anglers have access to three gulf side piers and one pier extending into the Grand Lagoon. KING MACKEREL SHOULD SHOW UP MID APRIL AND COBIA SHOULD BEGIN THEIR NORTHERLY MIGRATION MID MARCH. The smaller juvenile Redfish can be found in back bays and flats in the interior waterways of the St. Andrews Bay system, and the larger size, breeding population of “BULLS” can be found in and around the  deeper passes. Trippletail have an unusual habit of laying on their side floating on the surface. A rarely pursued species, the Blacktip is an incredible game fish that deserves more credit among anglers. The number is 850-233-5080. Our Panhandle Tarpon population in the Panama City Beach area is seasonal and migratory. Wahoo season begins and dorado season is in full swing. Winds are less prevalent during this month, as a result the seas are calmer. They can be seen “flipping” on the surface by the thousands. While typically the area fishing fleet only targets these fish during the “kill” season (June1-July15) Our Guides have been successfully practicing catch and release with these fish for years. During this time, we experience strong winds from the north and cooler water temperatures. Typically mixed in with the Spanish Mackerel these hyper aggressive fish can do some damage to tackle, baits and Flies. Of these fish varieties, there are plenty of fighting fish for Panama sport fishing, including red snapper, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, jack crevalle, rooster fish and many more. Red, Scamp, Yellowfin, Yellowmouth, Rock Hind, Coney and Yellowedge Groupers each have a bag limit of 3 per person within the 3 grouper aggregate. Learn about the expected activity of fish in Panama City for the next few days. Visitor Information Center. (Panama City) Summer Holidays. Panama City Beach has a dependable year-round redfish bite, but fall is fantastic after the fish school up in big numbers and start chasing bait balls around the bay. The information you get should applicable to anywhere you set up to fish on Panama City Beach. These time frames can vary some due to other factors such as climate or lunar cycles, but the list below will give you a rough idea of what kind of fish you could expect to catch on your Panama sport fishing adventure at El Rio Negro. El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge Playa Reina, Mariato, Veraguas Republic of Panama, Central America, US +1 (562) 295-7175 CAPT ALEX 011 (507) 6206-0721 LODGE 011 (507) 6936-1121,, Fishing Central America | El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge. Panama is at its most beautiful in December. Also know as “False Albacore” or “Albies”. What You Need to Know: 2016 State Snapper Season. This is made possible because of the coast’s unusual proximity to the continental shelf. Other fish varieties that are frequently caught during this month are black marlin, dorado, and pacific sailfish. Our panama City Beach Bay Boats fish tarpon by sight fishing the migrating schools that swim and gather along our Beaches. Our Panama fishing crews are experienced in putting you in the perfect position for the best catch opportunities. (Thunnus albacares) Yellowfin (and the very similar bigeye) tuna are incredibly popular worldwide among sport fishermen—whether running-and-gunning to throw poppers into great breaking schools baits.. Panama in the eastern Pacific, known as the Tuna Coast has some of the yellowfin action in the world from Mid Feb till August. Red Snapper typically range from 3 pounds to 30 lbs. Coinuja bait are at their most abundant during this month, and utilizing slow trolling tactics around them regularly result in cubera snapper and rooster fish. Freshwater anglers flock to the state for largemouth and peacock bass. Regardless of season, El Rio Negro sports some of the best Panama fishing around. August 15 – Panama Viejo (Old Panama) Day. No matter when you come to visit, you can expect plenty of fish in the sea. Though we can’t say with absolute certainty what fish will be biting months ahead of time, we do have an idea of what is in season during different parts of the year. Down in the deep, you will find the biggest fighting fish in the world. Fishing at Panama City Beach The waters of the northern Gulf are famed for fishing, diving, water sports, sailing and yachting and feature numerous artificial reefs. 17001 Panama City Beach Pkwy. Redfish are on the “staple” species pursued by all Gulf Coast guides. In addition to dorado, black marlin and Pacific sailfish are readily caught throughout the month of July. Top late-season marshes include those in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, those along the southern portion of the St. Johns River, basically from Cocoa south, and in the Everglades, including amazing opportunities for fishing in Lake Okeechobee and the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Though January is a great month for yellowfin tuna, March may very well be one of the best. Huge masses of Spanish Mackerel invade or beaches and bays in early Spring. Some of our guides work closely with the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust Foundation to place state-of-the-art Satellite tags on the migrating adult fish. Home of the Panama City Field Office of the U.S. The 2019 red snapper fishing season in Florida state waters consists of dates ranging from June 17 to July 21. While Flounder area in our waters year round, the fall gatherings present the best opportunities to target the species specifically. All told, December is a great month for Panama sport fishing here at El Rio Negro. The information gained helps in conservation efforts for this great sportfish. The dry season is typically mid-December to mid-April and is the busiest time for tourism. Casting and fly-fishing is also very productive for this Toothy mackerel species. Yellow fin tuna continue in abundance around the Azuero Peninsula in April. going to panama city fl in april. Once spotted anglers throw an array of different lures baits and flies to elicit a bite, everyone has their secret technique and style. They use this technique to attract small baitfish and shrimp to use their body as shelter. The Tuna Coast is located in the middle of a number of different migration routes for a wide variety of fish. Advice: Redfish are available year round and are some of the most well known in Florida for fishing in Panama City Beach. Our preferred method is to “stake-out” or cruise the clear water beaches and spot the cruising sharks, then anglers cast a bait lure of fly in the path of these hunting predators. Pacific sailfish become more regular during this month and can be caught along the shoreline along the Tuna Coast, Punta Naranjo and Aguja Reef. You will experience calm waters and light winds. A popular way of fishing is trolling rigs with multiple lures or jigs. King Mackerel can be teased up with live chum, trolled or live baited with Spinning tackle. These fish live on artificial and natural structures on the gulf floor. Come Fish Panama (CFP) consistently practices CPR (Catch, Photograph, & Release) on all billfish and other species which include Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, and Bluefin Trevally. Bill fish are productive almost year round, and you can rather reliably find other varieties of fish throughout the year as well. A Jack Crevelle is pound-for-pound one of the hardest fighting fish you can catch. Panama City Beach, FL 32413. Also called “LING” or “Lemonfish” by locals this shark-looking fish makes its migratory showing along the Panama City Beaches in early spring. Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge - Toll Free: (866) 245-1492 | Direct Line: 011 (507) 6675-7191 EXTRAS: fishing links | species/season Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge is … Summary: Early Spring sees most of the pompano in the passes where they are better suited to spinning rather than fly fishing.Its still possible to catch them here on the fly but is less appealing in the deeper water. Strong winds continue and water temperatures in the mid-seventies are common throughout the month. As the prey approaches to seek safety in the shadow of the tripletail, Bam, quickly snapped up by the floating predator. species open now are vermilion snapper, red porgy, red grouper, banded rudder fish, and other reef fish. Water temperatures top out in the 80s. Jack Crevelle make a showing along the shallow beaches of Panama City in the early spring. When they first show-up in these locations they offer fast and furious fishing action. Yet October and November are a bit cooler. We know that you come for the best Panama sport fishing in the world. Water temperatures start to dip and the seas are fairly calm. Anglers visiting in the coldest winter months can also target these fish, One of our local bays has a Warm Water Discharge area that entices the trout to gather by the thousands. Again, your FishAnywhere Charter Captain or Fishing Guide will know the seasonality of each species, and can guide you to a successful day of Panama City Beach fishing! By clicking on the regional headings you will be taken to the region's fishing sites/forecast page which has more specific fishing information for the current quarter, local weather links, and links to where you can learn more about what is happening in a particular area. Also Known as “AJ’s”, Amberjack call near-shore wrecks and bottom structure their home. Black marlin are migrating along the Azuero Peninsula and wahoo and dorado are still swarming the Tuna Coast. Visit the fish market, sip the worlds number 1 coffee, taste Panama’s organic chocolate, try locally crafted beer, and finish on the roof top of one of the most popular bars for a sample of the rum made in Panama. The number of fish species you can catch in Florida's waters is astounding. Autumn in Panama. Bill fish are around, and fishing for dorado just off the Azuero Peninsula is highly productive. Fall fishing in Panama City Beach, Florida can be very rewarding as the Gulf waters start to cool and fish begin to migrate from St. Andrews Bay through the pass between the various jetties. While nearly impossible to target in these deeper areas with lures, they are extremely vulnerable to a well-hooked shrimp. Water temperatures approach some of the warmest of the year, and this means dorado are plentiful. At September in Panama there is same old rainy season with same temperature. November is about flounder, redfish, trout, and mullet. Panama Evening Food Tour – Check out the old town in the evening and try five specialties made in Panama. Some Panama City Beach redfish get over 30 pounds, so get ready for a fight by bringing plenty of water to go along with the Florida heat! Likely catches include Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel and Biting Big. Saltwater fish are bountiful in Panama Bay, and freshwater fishers can fish in the canal, in Gatun Lake a short drive away, or in other rivers nearby. Fish and Wildlife Service, a bureau in the Department of Interior. The only time it isn’t fishing season on the Tuna Coast is during the months of October and November, when the lodge is closed for maintenance. Our typical way of targeting these fast moving fish is to spot the school s as they feed on the surface. The typical approach to Cobia fishing is to cruise the sandbars and visually search for the west swimming fish. I usually rely on birds and other surface-feeding fish to locate them and then use my bottom machine to pinpoint their exact location. Water temperatures continue to warm in June, and the seas are calm with light winds. Normally these fish can be caught in between 60ft and 250 ft. depths. Panama City Beach has a great population of these high-powered gamefish. Folks fish inshore waters for snook, sea trout, redfish, and flounder. Sheepshead gather along jetties and bridges to gather for spawning and feeding. Trippletail are found sporadically and are usually an accidental find. Even when south Florida is sweltering in the summer, or rainy and stormy in the fall, Panama City Beach is the place to go for a visit to Florida that is unique and has some of the best natural beauty anywhere in the country. SPANISH MACKEREL SHOULD SHOW UP BY MID MARCH. Feeding frenzies involving huge tuna are common, making this one of the best months for Panama fishing on the Tuna Coast. Blue, black and striped marlin are all popular catches during this month, and inshore Panama fishing really picks up with cubera snapper and rooster fish a part of a typical day’s catch. Share. Punta Naranjo is another spot that produces good results for those fishing for large tuna as close as 300 meters from the shoreline. A quick approach and cast into the “frenzy” assures a hook up. The only time it isn’t fishing season on the Tuna Coast is during the months of October and … Here at CFP, we pride ourselves as a leader in a long-standing commitment to the conservation and preservation of … In May, the stiff winds begin to die down. The rest of the year, the question is just where you will be fishing. When specifically targeting these fish guides run likely waters inspecting crab-trap buoys and other flotsam. Our guides have been the first to develop techniques to “bring-up” and even sight-fish these bottom dwellers. At El Rio Negro, fishing season is every month of the year. Cooler water temperatures combined with northern winds continue, and the bait balls that begin to arrive in January are extremely prevalent in February. Once hooked the Blacktip puts on an incredible show of jumps and reel melting runs. The panhandle of Florida is teaming with Red Snapper so don’t be surprised if you limit out pretty quick. This is a popular destination for fishing offshore, so you should be able to find plenty of fishing charters to choose from to plan your fishing trip. Once positioned over the structure the “AJ’s” can be brought to the surface (via undisclosed/secretive techniques) Each Captain has their own special recipe to do so… Once on the surface to Amberjacks are easily hooked with bait, lure or Fly, but be ready to PULL and put the brakes on before they head back down to the structure! Some of the best flounder fishing of the year happens this month in the bays and the near shore reefs and wrecks. The yellowfin tuna still haven’t left, nor have the black marlin. Water conditions are choppy due to these winds, and with them come the first arrivals of huge schools of yellowfin tuna. “Specks” offer themselves for anglers year round, Live bait, lures and flies are all very productive techniques for our local Sea trout. Traditionally it launches the dry season in Panama. In the last few years the Red Snapper has received a lot of attention from the Florida Fisheries department, regulation wars and overharvest have been associated with the species and it’s place among charter boat ice coolers has been unstable. Most significant drop in annual temperature chart takes place at autumn. Toll Free: 1-800-722-3234 Pompano are frequently caught steps away from the dry beach sand, their favorite food is a Moe Crab or “SandFlea” as they are locally known. As the fish group up they begin their pre-spawn habits and patterns. Tides4fishing cookies are used to personalise content and ads, save your recent fishing sites and remember your display settings. January is the start of the busy season on the Tuna Coast. While no much for food fare these “chompers” offer lots of fun for all anglers. Phone: 850-233-5070. Nicknamed “Smokers” they are both hot on the reel and good in a wood smoker. There are plenty of offshore structures that will hold many different species of fish. The jacks move inshore from their wintering wreck locations and prowl the sandbars hunting the returning mullet. Considered the King of “table fare” the red Snapper is one of the gulf’s standard reef/wreck species. When you fish with us, we will put you in the best position possible to contend with and catch prize-sized fish. Of these fish varieties, there are plenty of fighting fish for Panama sport fishing, including red snapper, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, jack crevalle, rooster fish and many more. T The inshore trolling season (just off the beaches) starts in the early spring and continues through the fall into November. At El Rio Negro, the question for Panama fishing visitors isn’t, “What can I catch?” so much as, “What do you want to catch?” If you’re ready to come fish with us and catch some of the biggest fish in Panama, call or e-mail us today to schedule your fishing adventure. Water temperatures continue to warm up, and scattered rain and thunderstorms become more prevalent. Fish that you may catch near the Grand Lagoon include gag grouper, scamp grouper, bonito, trout, flounder, blackfin tuna, vermillion and white snappers, and sheepshead. Third Sunday of July – Children's Day in Panama. Sportfishing in the Gulf is popular from late May to October, specifically for Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo. We target these fish with both Light Tackle and Fly. Be sure to check near every pier, the docks, and bridges by the inlet to catch the bulls! Flounder gather in large numbers in the fall to begin their spawning ritual, passes and near shore wrecks become their location of choice. Locals and captains along the Panhandle become Cobia-crazy in the spring awaiting the first fish to make it’s showing. What kind of fish can I catch in Panama City, FL? The following fishing calendar is a generalization. It definitely changes with the season, but there’s no bad time to go. The number of fish species you can catch in Florida's waters is astounding. We’ve already said that the fish are available year-round, and the mild weather on the Emerald Coast makes it possible for you to indulge in a Panama City Beach fishing escapade whenever you want. Pier fishing in Panama City Beach. September also means the peak of wahoo season. Spring (April through May) Outlook: Fair, but should improve as season progresses. Red snapper and amberjack can be found schooling around the … Our Panhandle Tarpon population in the Panama City Beach area is seasonal and migratory. Inshore fishing is often decent as a result. Of course, most fish have some distinct seasons, but you’ll always find Redfish, Trout, Flounder, and something else alongside them biting inshore. Most of our Panama City Beach Fishing Charters target redfish in the Panama City Pass, this is one of the primary species that our guides catch, these “Pass” redfish are the “BULLS”, they range from 10-30lbs or more. December marks the end of Panama’s rainy season, with the dry season starting and northern winds beginning once more. © Shallow Water Expeditions 2016 : Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 • Design by Simple Solutions, Inc. the Gulf Coast's premiere fly fishing & light tackle charter. We also share information about your use of our site with … In the Spring of the year the surfcasting pompano fisherman can be seen along most of our panama City Beaches. June means peak Pacific sailfish season on the Tuna Coast. One of the largest sport fishing fleets in the country is based in Panama City Beach. One of the first Species we see along the Gulf coast in early Spring. The Tuna Coast is famous for offering some of the best fishing spots in the world. Typical spring schools of jacks hold hundreds of fish averaging from 15-20 lbs. The waters just off Panama City Beach drop off quickly and allow this somewhat pelagic species to come very close to the shallow beaches. Grouper, snapper, scamp, redfish and jacks of many varieties abound. These strange fish are among the “Locals Favorite” list for table fair, a delicate flakey white fish that is hard to beat! The shimmering turquoise waters off the coast of Panama are home to many fish species. Panama, meaning “abundance of fish,” earns its name thanks in large part to the Tuna Coast, where Panama sport fishing aficionados can reach deep sea fishing channels in less than an hour. Take a look through the following Panama fishing calendar to help you plan a memorable trip for you and your companions. If you are unable to make it down for the summer fishing season, then you can fish … Bill fish and fighting fish, though abundant, seem to come in waves during the month, and jigging is a productive tactic due to the colder water temperatures. what fish are in season then and can anyone recommend a good charter service? PCB is a year-round resort. A hard fighting and often willing participant, the redfish is our go-to species! In July, the winds typically die out, and new scattered showers pop up for about an hour at a time. Look for pompano to make a return to the flats as the season progresses. In the fall these fish can commonly enter into the Inshore bay waters around Panama City Beach. We target the Jacks using surface plugs and Flies, a surface presentation is the BEST technique to entice a jack to attack, and one of the most FUN! Expect overcast skies and random scattered showers throughout your visit. When they are pushing trough schools of bait like that you can throw just about any lure you want and you're going to catch a Spanish Mackerel, Lady Fish, Jacks, Blue Fish, Bonito etc. August is a great month for bill fish such as black marlin and Pacific sailfish. Cobia swim on the surface and are typically moving to the west. Popular Fishing in Panama City Beach From May 28th 2016 onward, the season will be continuously open until July 10th 2016. The season runs until December 31, and each angler can collect one or the other each trip within the 3 grouper aggregate. Scattered thunderstorms are prevalent throughout the month. What kind of fish can I catch in Panama City Beach, FL? Panama City: The capital city is situated at the mouth of the Panama Canal on the Pacific Ocean side. To learn which fish are biting before you go down to the beach, check in with a tackle shop or call directly to the Dan Russell Pier for up to date surf fishing info (the pier located across from Pier Park). Blue, black, and striped marlin also are migrating through the area at this time, and inshore fishing picks up substantially. With “towers” over the center console your guide can spot these Migrating fish coming from long distances and prepare the angler to make the “shot”. FISH IN PANAMA CITY FLORIDA. Tarpon: May-August. September kicks off the rainy season on the Tuna Coast. Another popular way to target these Permit like fish is to Stake out or wait in likely places along the beach and sight-fish the schools of approaching “pomps” as they swim down the beach> Flies and jigs are the best weapons for catching Pompano. Share. Red snapper are a very sought after fish in Panama City Beach Fl. One if the best eating fish in the gulf and a species that takes a delicate approach to catch. Some of the largest trout of the year can be found sulking around this Warm Water area. Considered my many as one of the gulf’s tastiest table fish, the Pompano shows up in the early spring, the first catches of Pompano are a harbinger of warming Spring water temps and the many other species are usually right on their heels. These fish are a type of small Tuna and are very fast swimmers. Folks fish inshore waters for snook, sea trout, redfish, and flounder. Tarpon come inshore as spring water temps climb. Freshwater anglers flock to the state for largemouth and peacock bass. During the windy season, there is more of a journey around the Azuero peninsula to reach fishable waters. Spanish Mack’s are one of the favorite springtime species for our Bay Boat guides and offer a great target for family trips with Kids.