Only 1 left in stock - order soon. So, you must … Water flows from the barrel through the plant trough by gravity and is then pumped back into the barrel. I connected the wiring to the side of the switch that is open until the diaphragm is activated by rising water level. Free postage. LG WAshing Machine Motor Rotor Position Hall Effect Sensor - Part # 6501KW2002A. Any system is prone to leaks. 4.7 out of 5 stars 46. I had to use an ohm meter to figure out which terminals to use. AU $11.95 postage. Thanks for watching our repair video. I have in my junk box another pressure switch that is simply an enclosed diaphragm/switch and two terminals. Haier Washing Machine Parts. I attached one of the spade clips from the power chord to the solenoid. The wires should be secured well and not strung where they might be caught, pulled or cut by something. Washing machine leaks and burst hoses can quickly overcome floor drains and catch pans, causing thousands of dollars in water damage in a short amount of time. The tube must be configured to work with the depth of the water tank. I have drips here and there from my plant trough. Dial Knob 2. AU $97.32. on Introduction. Share it with us! When the water reaches a certain level in the tube, the machine stops filling. This means that the water level will have to rise some more before the pressure in the hose will be high enough to Your washing machine has some internal switches that control various functions, and any one of them may go bad and require replacement. This project didn’t cost me anything to make since I had everything I needed lying around my shop. Copy Samsung WD7704C8C/xsa washing machine.Front loader.I have been told there is a problem with my water level sensor. It can be adapted to an assortment of applications but the basics of how the system is constructed and how it works is about the same. Did you make this project? Touch the probes to terminals 2 and 3, and note the reading. I secured the pressure control inside a plastic freezer carton just so the terminals would be protected a bit. I then took a longer chord, about 15 feet, and put spade connectors on both ends. 5 1 3 1 2 3. The valves are normally closed so there’s no problem with the other side leaking. Color: White. Here's a narrative description of this project. About: I am an erstwhile Trailerpark Scholar, tinkerer, student of life, graduate of the school of hard knocks.... with a couple of tech schools and a college degree tossed in. Leaf switches S1 and S2 (used in tape recorders) are fixed at the top of the sensor units suc… The water level is measured by the Main Board---by frequency readings. Thanks for sharing. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. A couple hours’ work this morning and now I have a system that will keep the barrel full while I’m away. Low water level (option - level sensor malfunction). In some cases, you may need to use more water for excessive dirty clothes. The control should click on when lifted from the water six or eight inches and off when lowered to the appropriate level for full. $20.81 $ 20. We’re planning a vacation, however, and there’d be nobody to keep the barrel full. The pole holds the tube down into the water and allows for adjusting the depth of the hose at the same time. Remove the 2 screws at the back of the Control Panel (see pic), and lift the Panel off the machine from the back rotating towards the front (see pic). This would come in handy. As the tub fills, the switch cuts off the water flow when the water level inside the tub correlates with the setting for a large, regular, or small load. Water level sensor circuit problem. LG Electronics 6601ER1006E Washing Machine Water Level Sensor Pressure Switch. Top Up Top Up Your Card. WHIRLPOOL Round Washing Machine Water Level Sensor, Regular. I made a mounting bracket by flatting and bending a piece of electrical conduit. Pune, … Solenoids have spade terminals. Before you attempt repairs or replace parts of your washing machine, turn off and unplug the machine from the power source to avoid electrocution.