Ideal for children to easily interact with their pets or for seniors unable to move a mobile coop. The Grand Barn walk in chicken coop is an embodiment for luxury, refinement and ultimate comfort. Pets Imperial Walk In Chicken Coop. was - $291.19 | 11% OFF. The roof slopes from the front to the back and there is a small access door. The walls, back wall and entire roof of the Chicken Palace is made using very stylish zincalume mini corrugated iron. Close . We stand by our products with a 12 month warranty on everything … Mark … Delivery Insurance - Highly recommended. External Nest Box - If you would like to allow more room in the housing section of your coop, or like the idea of collecting eggs from an external nest box, this option might be for you. You can be rest assured that your coop will be looking just as great in many years time. This coop is suitable for 7-12 chickens. Colours currently available are Cottage Green, Pale Eucalypt or Deep Ocean. Easy … Using set-out paint, mark out area for run, allowing 2m squared per bird you intend to keep. It’s the ultimate luxury accommodation for your Chooks. The Chicken Palace has a large door at the front of the coop allowing easy entry into the coop. We are currently designing our own range of chicken coops and runs so let us know if you would like to be among the first to be notified when they are ready for sale. The large sized mesh floor (with 10cm x 15cm rectangles) still enables your chickens to scratch the soil and at the same time gives you peace of mind about their safety overnight. This covers the replacement or repair of your coop if damaged in transit as well as the freight to transport damaged parts back to us and new parts over to you. Drinker & Feeder Sets - These great slim-line sets are designed specifically for use on these coops. Whilst on this subject, once inside you can also easily clean the area without feeling akward and squished or crawling on all fours. HGTV has free chicken coop plans available, and following this link will lead … Urban Chicken Coop Plan. The Chicken Palace with Medium Extension is a fantastically sized chicken coop which would look great in any backyard. Can house about 3 … Chicken Coop 6x2x2 m Galvanised Steel Sorry that we can't allow pick up right now, but we do ship Australia wide, at no extra cost. Chickens are great fun to have at home … The Chicken Palace comes with 2 quality wooden laying boxes for your chickens. Large Walk in Chicken Coop Hen House Enclosure Backyard Poultry Cage w/ Cover XL. Located just … The 'Chicken Palace' is the most recent addition to the Royal Rooster range of chicken coops. We also offer the Chicken Palace in mini mesh (1.24mm gauage, 12.5mm squares) for those with snake and rodent issues. Suits up to 10 chickens if free ranging (or 4-6 chickens if permanant enclosure), Measures 2.3m long, 1.6m wide and 2.2m high (1.66m door height), Made from strong, yet light-weight, aluminium frame, Strong 2.5mm thick galvanised mesh with 25mm squares, 2 wooden laying boxes, and 2 wooden perches provided, Takes between 2-3 hours to assemble, with detailed illustrated instructions provided. Omlet's Walk in Chicken Run is a large, spacious chicken enclosure that you can walk into. Walk-In Chicken Coop $ 995.00 inc GST. A great modern look. All you need to do is add the straw! It has flap windows which can be propped open, and ventilation holes around the top. The Giant Walk-In Castle Chicken Coop is big enough for you to walk right in with your chickens. This free plan will help you build a small chicken coop that's perfect for … Great for children to go inside and spend time with the chickens. Timeless style and functional designs make these coops a classic addition to any yard. $259.99. Also ideal for seniors who may have problems moving a mobile coop. A popular walk-in chicken house - a palace for your poultry! Download our FREE expert chicken health tips so you can have the healthiest chickens on the planet! For free gifts, discount codes, and loads more entertaining information. Looking for chicken coops for sale in your area? See the whole range of products on offer from Royal Rooster or contact us if you have further questions. ATTENTION AUSSIE CHOOK KEEPERS! Our coops come with covered runs, have our signature deep litter beds, plenty of ventilation, are … Specifications. This strong mesh is difficult to accidently damage and is impossible for foxes to chew through! The Palace is also available in Colorbond for those wishing their coop to match the colour of their fence or shed! Approximately half the roof is … chicken coops If you've been searching for that durable, great looking, affordable and COSY chicken coop that both you and your chickens will love for years, then you've come to the right place! Have a peck at our region specific pages featuring chicken keeping articles, coops, accessories and advice for Australian backyard chook keepers. A quality chicken coop under $200. Palace Coop: The Palace Chicken Coop is a combined coop and run, with an external nesting box. The coops have an open floor design to allow your chickens to scratch up the soil and to have the pleasure of a dust bath. Two wooden perches are provided for night time sleeping area for the chickens. This mesh is ideal for chicken coops, it has small holes that keep small chicks contained, has 12.7mm holes which will help keep out larger snakes At 180cm it doesnt require joining and is tall enough to create a coop high enough to walk … Give your chickens more space while keeping them safe with a Walk in Chicken … We can now make the Chicken Palace coops with either a clear anodized (silver) aluminum frame (standard) or black anozided for just $55 extra. Chook Tractor. This is made with an aluminium frame and mini-fluted iron. Delivery with TNT generally then takes around 1 week to arrive. A predator-resistant, poultry run for safe free-ranging of hens. Best Coop for Predator Protection. Assembly time should be between 2-3 hours. It suits up to 10 chickens if free ranging is available, or 4-6 chickens if a permanant enclosure. There is an optional 'weather shield' that can also be purchased to provide extra protection in wet weather. This large, 2 x 2 x 2 Metre walk-in coop can comfortably home up to eight chickens. $100 extra. All Royal Rooster coops are made right here in Australia from top quality materials and workmanship. Only $12 for peace of mind. Chicken coops Chicken Coop Basics Chicken coops must provide shelter and protection for the birds. As this is our largest coop, it does take the most time to put together. PawHut Large Metal Walk-In Chicken Coop … Unlike imported coops, Royal Rooster coops are designed and made in Australia, taking into consideration our very hot summers. Colorbond colours to choose from are Cottage Green, Pale Eucalypt, Deep Ocean, Woodland Grey and Monument. was - $398.71 | 17% OFF. Great for up to 10 chickens. Read more $ 495.00 inc GST. Fox Proof Floor - If foxes or dogs are a problem, you can purchase an wire mesh floor for your coop ($65). Optional 'fox proof floors' can also be purchased for those needing extra protection from these predators. © 2020 Backyard Chicken Coops. Made to fit the two wooden nest boxes that come with the Chicken Palace ($150 extra when purchased with a Palace). This door is 1.66m high. Extended run versions available. Enter your destination to get a shipping estimate. Giantex Large Metal Chicken Coop, Walk-in Chicken Coops Run House Shade Cage with Waterproof and Anti-Ultraviolet Cover for Outdoor Backyard Farm Use, Hen Run House Poultry Habitat (10 x 26 x 6.4ft) … Specifically made to maximise the efficient use of space, light and design. Black Frame - For $55 extra, the Chicken Palace coop can be made with a modern, black anodized aluminum frame. Coops must be big enough for the chickens to live comfortably by allowing them room to flap their wings, walk about, and build comfortable nests. If you ca get a walk-in coop, in that way you don’t want to be … If you need a mobile coop, please see the other coops available. Brunswick Chicken … Luxury Chicken Coop … Mini Mesh - If snakes or rodents are an issue, we can make your Chicken Castle coop using mini mesh galvanised wire, rather than the standard 25mm mesh (25mm gauge wire). They have large opening doors allowing you to step inside without hassle, unlike smaller coops or runs that require you to contort your body like an acrobat in order to simply gain entry to the coop or run. Read more $ 695.00 inc GST. $329.99. ESTATE CHICKEN COOP. 4 x 3 x 1.95m Walk In Chicken Coop Run. SKA Chicken Coop… These coops are very simple to put together and come with detailed, illustrated instructions. Aluminium, unlike steel or timber, will not rust or deteriorate in the weather. Colorbond - The coops are also available using Colorbond materials for the walls, back wall and entire roof  ($90 extra). If you prefer, you can phone us on 1800 817 745. Sale price $599.00 Regular price $799.00 Sale. Chicken Coops, Walk in Chicken Runs, Chicken Fencing and more. Our chicken coops for sale are the best a hen can get, made with love according to our Mother … The Chicken Palace is a great walk-in Chicken Coop made by Royal Rooster in Australia. XL Rectangular Chicken Coop with Run. Please ask if you are interested in a different Colorbond colour. Feature quality timber made especially for the Australian backyard and insulated asphalt roof for weather proof. ... Walk-In Chicken Coop. All coops are made in our purpose built premises in Willaston in South Australia. Additional Laying Boxes - Two wooden laying boxes are provided with the Chicken Palace, but if you prefer more they can be purchased for $20 each. Keep your backyard hens happy and healthy with our eggs-pertly designed chicken coop and chicken run range. This is the run only - the coop is sold separately. It has a large door, it’s a walk in chicken coop. If you live in SA, pickup from our premises is most welcome. If within 30 days of you taking delivery of your new coop you decide you don’t like it, send it back and we’ll refund your full purchase price, shipping and any tax paid, less return shipping and packing … HGTV Chicken Coop. $80 per set which includes a rain cover on the feed to keep it nice and dry all year round. The chicken coop can be tall enough if you to walk into, or tiny enough for the hens and nothing else, either because of budget or space. These perches are 40mm wide and 12mm thick, which is said to be the best size and shape for chickens to comfortably perch on for nighttime sleep. Made almost entirely from recycled materials, it is guaranteed for 10 years and … Please check your email for your copy. Additional laying boxes can be purchased if desired. Looking for chicken coops for sale in your area? This looks particularly great with the grey Colorbond upgrade detailed below. Sale price $1,050.00 Regular price $1,250.00 Sale. Just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you asap! It’s super easy to … The Somerzby Estate is our new design chook house. We'd love to help! This shield encloses the housing section with still a gap to walk through to collect the eggs. This coop, unlike the rest of the Royal Rooster range, is not designed to be moved around your yard. We aim to dispatch coops approximately 2-3 weeks after an order has been placed. We are passionate poultry enthusiasts that deliver our chicken coops Australia wide and offer a 5 year chicken … All Rights Reserved. It features 2 bolting doors and the roof opens for easy access. This mini mesh has 12.5mm squares and 1.6mm gauge wire. We sell a fantastic range of chicken keeping equipment, from modern plastic chicken coops to traditional wooden chicken arks. 20x10 ft Walk in Coop Chicken Run Backyard Hen House Poultry Rabbit Cage & Cover. The entire roof of the Chicken Palace is made of mini corrugated iron, providing shade from the sun and protection from rain and wind in the cooler months. Extra soil can be added on top of the mesh floor to make the area more 'earthy' for the chickens. Have a peck at our region specific pages featuring chicken keeping articles, coops, accessories and advice for Australian backyard chook keepers. Regular price $350.00 8 x 3 x 1.95m Walk In Chicken Coop Run. Chicken coops … The Chicken Palaces are made with small sized steel mesh, 2.5mm gauge with 25mm squares. We are passionate poultry enthusiasts that deliver our chicken coops Australia wide and offer a 5 year chicken help guarantee - which means if you have a problem with your hens, we are here to help! Keeping chooks in the backyard has become popular again in recent years as more and more of us have rediscovered the benefits of owning these feathered friends. Brunswick Chicken Run This run is designed to fit the Brunswick Double Nest Box chicken coop, but with a removable back it will also stand alone and can be moved by itself. A Walk-In Chicken Coop (or Walk in Chicken Run) is easy to clean. 184cm L x 98cm W x 85cm H. This chicken coop is ideal for placing on the backyard lawn to allow your chooks to forage in a more natural environment. Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops is a family-owned business that carries only the best walk-in chicken coops with … JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. See upgrade below. Weather Shield - To keep your chickens nice and cosy in the colder months, you can purchase a large weather shield that fits onto the front of the housing section of the Palace. You’ll need just 2 adjustable spanners, an electric drill and a number 2 Philips-head driver. Providing full standing … It measures 4.7m long and is great for 10-15 chickens. Our walk-in chicken coops are made from premium lumber and hardware and are stick-framed, just like a house. The Chicken Palace not a mobile coop but is rather a 'Chicken House' designed to stay in a fixed position in your backyard - with free ranging for your chooks if possible. It may take 3-5 minutes, Returns, Replacements, Refunds & Warranties. It comes with plenty of rooms in the nesting area plus covered run area to help keep your chickens safe and sound. 2.3m long. The Tasmanian Government states that “The most important feature of a coop is that it should be easy to cl… Description. The Eglu Cube Chicken Coop is ideal for up to 10 chickens… Large Chicken Coop. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Not what you're after? The whole front of the housing section on the Chicken Palace is open to allow maximium ventilation on hot days.