4 years ago. Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:53 pm . With a red-eared slider turtle, you expect them to live for over 50 years and even 70 years when they are in the wild. Who doesn't love being #1? red eared slider turtle do not eat sharks. What Should I Feed My Red-Eared Slider Turtle? A pet store employee recommended moss balls and algae eaters, but I was a little unsure. Casual breeding of ​red eared sliders isn't recommended but it is important to provide a nesting area for egg-laying females. save hide report. However, the juvenile or the baby red-eared slider are carnivorous, and they require animal protein. I have 2 red eared turtles I need an algae eater to go in the tank do you h... How long can myatery snails live out of water? Asked by Wiki User. CARE OF RED EARED SLIDER This turtle species is from North America and are one of the most common aquatic turtle species sold as pets. Slider turtle with algae on it. Can red-eared sliders adapt with algae eaters if so what class? bettas turtles. Because of their popularity as a pet, they are actually becoming a problem as an invasive species. Any red eared slider experts? Answer . my red eared slider has out grown his tank. Make sure it would have somewhere to hide that the turtle couldn't get to. 🔑 Red-Eared Slider Background Key Takeaways: Red-Eared Slider Turtles make fabulous pets due to being fairly easy to care for and possessing a long lifespan of typically between 20 and 40 years. She has never had this problem before, but we recently put fish in for her to eat. Image by Dani Jensen. Opportunistic eaters. they carry some sort of bacteria that makes the algae grow as fast as it does. 1 2 3. reply #3. I have 2 red eared turtles I need an algae eater to go in the tank do you h... By entering this site you declare save. My red eared slider, Lucky, is a little over a year old and I recently put him in a new 29 gallon tank. Carley. Do the algae eaters hide under pebbles? Here is my e mail if you want it it is okay to sent me questions please no inappropriate comments or questions (I am actually very carefully online). Bekah. Kid. you read and agreed to the. share. At least I've never seen mine go after and algae. William Luther, Staff / … Whether it is making sure red eared sliders are free to perform behaviors that are necessary for their well-being (such as basking and swimming) or just trying to figure out what your turtle is doing, understanding normal red eared slider behavior can help you provide optimal care for your turtle. These common creatures are actually a subspecies of pond slider, and are native to the southern United States. I don’t think they can, but a friend of mine has had them together for a month and they seemed ok. I know that algae sometimes grow on turtle shells, but one of my turtles has a hind foot covered with algae - it actually grew on its skin. But he could use more greens. Before you bring home a red eared slider there are a few things to check out to increase the odds that you are bringing home a healthy turtle. How To Clean Turtle Shell Algae. I just found out that my algae eater is a chinese algae eater. 88% Upvoted. Red-eared sliders are hardy and outgoing. Any good bottom feeders for a red eared slider, for tank cleaning. Asked by Wiki User. algae turtles #2. Question by Mollie R: can i feed triops to my red eared slider? The top two plants that are the most recommended for Red Eared Slider tanks are hornwort and java fern because they are hardy plants and do not need to be rooted in a substrate in order to grow. I have around a 2 inch turtle, I had a small chinese algae eater and a medium size pleco, which my turtle manage to eat both even tho the pleco was 1/3 bigger than the turtle, now algae is growing like mad in my tank, I do not want to use chemicals. Then they do. Commercial turtle pellets can make up a good base for the diet but they should be supplemented with a variety of other items. DrAqua. Example recommendations: a.) Younger sliders - raccoons, skunks foxes, wading birds and storks. So, most turtles, even adults, don’t seriously injure them. Exploring the House Part 2. There are some key indicators to help you determine whether or not a red eared slider is healthy. Improper environmental conditions and diet are among the most common culprits when it comes to health problems in red eared sliders. What’s the diet of a red – ear slider turtle? It also grows on his rock, but not as bad. Any good bottom feeders for a red eared slider, for tank cleaning. Look at their eyes, shell, how they swim, and whether or not they seem very active. * The Red-Eared Slider Turtle has been listed among the 100 examples of the world's worst invasive species. I have 2 red eared turtles I need an algae eater to go in the tank do you have any sugegestions. I feel something wrong.. What should I do now.. Pls help meeee..... does this have any disease. Other safe plants you can use are water lilies, elodia, duckweed, java moss, anacharis, and arrowhead just to name a few. Share. your turtle will be fine. In the wild, a small bit of algae-growth on a turtle’s shell is quite normal. My 7 month old Red Eared Slider turtle has algae growing in her tank. Red Eared Sliders and algae eaters in the same tank - YouTube Although they will drop them in the water, this is not a red eared slider's preferred way to lay eggs. They bask a lot, too, and during warm, sunny days, wild red-ears love to stack on top of each other while doing so. The mini lobster eats them too, just a little shy tonight. Adult male turtles will have a long tail and long front claws while adult female turtles will have short front claws and short tails. Can you put algae eater fish in with your red eared sliders? Red Eared Sliders and Apple Snails. I have to find some crickets and other insects still. They were free with the purchase of cage. can y... Can i put a beta fish in with my small red slider turtles. Finally we found a time to get out and write another blog post. Why would my algae eater die? Do algae eaters hibernate under rocks and such? A Nightly Treat of Peas brings out all the life if the tank. These … Be the first to answer! Oct 9, 2019 #2 nikm128 Fishlore VIP. I really don't understand the rationale behind restricting us to such a large, aggressive species when it'd make more sense to allow us to acquire a smaller and more peaceful alternative like a mud turtle. Many kinds of pets (including all reptiles, amphibians, hedgehogs, and more) carry salmonella and most people should have little reason to worry about contracting the bacteria. They also get much larger and need more room than is often implied by pet stores and other vendors. Finding a very powerful filter is the next step, preferably a canister-type filter rated for a tank three to four times the size of your actual turtle tank.