2 likes. But despite his initial feelings, Przybyl said his personal emotions have since evolved. Baker's percentages. To us, real bread is defined as bread made with natural ingredients and free of additives and fermented slowly - we strive to make every single loaf just that way! C: cutting the rolled edge of the book fold off also allows for more "puff" in the final product. Call us at (520) 789-7447. Proof Bakery, Los Angeles: See 31 unbiased reviews of Proof Bakery, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #1,964 of 11,620 restaurants in Los Angeles. Proof Bread’s Jared Allen (Photo by Mark Lipczynski) Like all new business owners, Jared Allen was looking for his place in the world. In August 2020, Mesa council member and Vice Mayor Mark Freeman visited the bakery with a code compliance officer to work out a solution, Przybyl said. The sheeter removes its benefit. They are meaningless out of context. Well, after watching Jon do that stitch shaping technique so many times on the video, I thought I'd try it with my loaves today. Have you ever tried slicing through the folds before running through the sheeter (basically creating 3 sheets of dough), so that the butter goes all the way to the edges. Real nuts and bolts stuff including how he saved a ton of money rehabbing a junked dough mixer. "We look at that downtown district as one of the most charming and underrated areas of town," Przybyl said. Proof Bread is a micro bakery that Jon and Amanda operate from their converted garage, selling their bread at several farmer’s markets in the greater Phoenix area. And theperfectloaf best sd recipe calls for the dough to be somewhat underdeveloped prior to S&F. We are Proof Bread. Proof Bread; Mesa, AZ This is a "micro bakery" run out of a garage in Mesa, AZ.. All strictly legal due to a local "cottage" law. Our signature sourdough bread was voted in the Top 5 loaves of Phoenix! Another hour long epic video. For the past three years, the couple was allowed to operate their Mesa bakery from a residential, converted garage because of Arizona's cottage food law. Worth Takeaway, a sandwich shop, was one of Proof's early-days restaurant clients. They would drive by, took photos and then we got a letter in the mail. 41 were here. Paradise Bakery & Cafe, Mesa: See 48 unbiased reviews of Paradise Bakery & Cafe, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #164 of 1,040 restaurants in Mesa. Proof Artisan Bread. Before we moved in, it was a Viktor Benes bakery; Benes took over from Toni’s Rollin’ Pin. ", "The pressure hasn’t changed, but at the same time, the city is at least doing their part to help this along and turn this into something positive ultimately in the long run.". I actually prefer them a bit darker than this. The move could potentially require them to halt operations over the winter holidays, the bakery's peak season. The relocation itself will have obstacles, he admitted. This is a "micro bakery" run out of a garage in Mesa, AZ.. All strictly legal due to a local "cottage" law. The discussion about the butter and the consequences of not getting the temperature and other factors just right is humbling. French, but not too French. Proof Artisanal Pizza & Pasta in Tucson, AZ. A blend of flours featuring several heritage grains from Hayden Flour Mills, water, and salt. Order bread for takeout at Noble Eatery. English is the primary language spoken, while Spanish and Navajo fall closely behind. If you see anything inappropriate on the site or have any questions, contact me at floydm at thefreshloaf dot com. Przybyl felt reassured — his family had only recently learned their youngest daughter has Friedreich's ataxia, a rare neurodegenerative disorder. Follow updates at facebook.com/ProofArtisanBread and instagram.com/proofbread. I’m still so upset, but now we're fast-moving toward a solution.". Proof Bread is a modern throwback to a way of life that values small-scale craftsmanship, local community, and creativity. "This just seemed most daunting, but it's crazy how things evolved over the weekend. He and Abou-Eid had their wedding reception at Cider Corps. Przybyl felt devastated and betrayed. The dough I just made today from Central Milling AP with about 64g of supermarket whole wheat flour, 4 tsp vital  wheat gluten, 10 g of diastatic malt powder and 150g levain - no way can I stretch it like that. PRESS INQUIRIES INFO@PROOFBAKESHOP.COM, KRISTIN@CAKESANDALERESTAURANT.COM Navigating how to care for their daughter, on top of running the business for the financial wellbeing of his family and his employees, would have been a lot to handle with a relocation added to the mix, he said. Proof Bread's pastries and baked goods have a new home in Phoenix to offer all of the Old World artisan, fresh-baked goodness it's known for. Baker and chef Jared Allen is a … "We thought we could finally stabilize and see what was next," Przybyl said. I have lived here for more than 30 years and had never heard of Barb’s Bakery so when I made a wrong turn and saw the sign I just had to stop, glad I did. Have any of you tried their bread? The sheeter machine they use seems to be less wide than yours. The law allows people to sell baked goods prepared in a home kitchen. In addition to the story about their dough mixer, Jon talks a bit about the flour blend they have custom made for them by Hayden Mills. So interesting. In short Trevor is highly impressed with what they're doing. Follow @priscillatotiya on Twitter and Instagram. A while back I started up a forum post about Proof Bread, a "micro-bakery" located in a residential neighborhood in Mesa, AZ. This site is powered by Drupal. Although it was late in the day so the selection was very limited we did get some great cupcakes, pastries and cookies. Proof Bread Bakery inside Merchant Square in Chandler, Arizona Proof Bread We are a renegade micro-bakery in Mesa, AZ. Their garage is now a 1,200-square-foot space with an infrastructure that's not easy to move. "It was very invasive," Przybyl said. However, for a real treat take a look at their youtube channel. C: I know you experiment alot, but was wondering if you have tried this: say you make a trifold. Now their next challenge is making and financing the complicated move by the city's deadline of Jan. 15, 2021. We specialize in Old World artisan breads and pastries. Przybyl's father came from Poland multiple times and helped build add-ons to the garage. Los Angeles, California 90039 (between Madera Ave. and Garden Ave.) 323-664-8633. Jon and Amanda took over Proof from the original owner just 3 short years ago, when they learned the … We specialize in Old World artisan breads and pastries. You can find dozens of formulas. "We’ve overcome tons of obstacles to get to this point," Przybyl said. I don’t think it was malicious intent, I just think that people’s hands were tied.". Arizona Bakeries for Sale. One thing I'm finding intriguing about the start to finish video is when Jon talks about the stretchiness of his dough prior to stretching and folding. "Our entire community both online and locally has been rallying. In 2017, the couple, who had been loyal customers at the time, learned Allen was moving and decided to purchase the business from him, despite having jobs and no experience baking bread. The state of Arizona is bordered by 4 other U.S. states, and its northeast corner touches Colorado. Thanks. I feel like it's a bit more straight forward for me to get my batards evenly shaped with that technique......I AM a visual learner. Refine your search by location, industry or asking price using the filters below. I have been enjoying these myself. Proof Bakery’s proofing process includes letting the dough sit in a refrigerator for 12 hours before baking the next day, giving pastries heightened flavors and textures of butter, salt, and sugar. J: I’m going to put this to the test. ", WARMING UP: A Phoenix family is finding 'the bright side' even as COVID-19 upends their burrito business. Some of them may include White Sonora, Durum and Red Fife. 3156 Glendale Boulevard. I like it! All that and so much more. Proof became known for its sourdough breads and croissants. "It was like a Medieval-style bakery," Przybyl recalled. See my blog for bake pictures. The equipment they started with included a half-broken refrigerator, a few loaf forms and "a really terrible convection oven," Przybyl remembered. They use Allen’s natural levain, Harriet (sourdough bakers name their starters) and source their ingredients locally. I've adopted Jon's shaping and stitching technique too. It really does work pretty well. Ever since we started this, the community has supported us in a journey that’s been expensive, exhausting, but also exhilarating.". J: Back when I was manually laminating in a pasta roller, the folded over side was a helpful starting point through the roller. Their array of breads and pastries are sold to the public at a slew of open air markets in the Phoenix metro area. If you want to make sourdough croissants, it’s actually all the in between info that will make it possible, if all you need is a formula, they you probably don’t need much instruction at all. There's usually not more than a few employees working at the bakery at the same time, so that seemed like an easy fix, Przybyl reasoned. Delivery & Pickup Options - 915 reviews of Proof Bakery "This is exactly the kind of bakery the area needed. Check out our location and hours, and latest menu with photos and reviews. Loyal customers and worldwide support can go a very long way with a small business — just ask Jon Przybyl and Amanda Abou-Eid, married co-owners of Proof Bread in Mesa. 41 were here. They purchased it when the original owner, Jared Allen decided to leave Arizona. In just a few days, the possible fate of Proof Bread has changed twice. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will definitely watch some of their other videos. Bakehouse Bread Company of Tucson, Arizona, family owned and operated; bakes and delivers fresh products seven days per week. You talk on and on and on and never give us any usable information. (Only if you have the hour to spare.). Maybe Jon derived this proprietary blend by reading this forum. Wouldn't that be a kick? 41 were here. Now YOURS is the color I wanted to get. We work in our garage in Mesa, Arizona (thanks to cottage laws) which has been converted into a micro bakery. Proof Grassroots bakery owned by @proof.baker and @littlelentil in Mesa Arizona. 30766781. The Easiest German-style Spelt Recipe, Ever, Caramelized Onion Sourdough with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Italian Herbs. They'll need to build out the interior of their new brick-and-mortar location, too. The formulas are truly the least valuable thing I can offer. Luck struck that weekend when Przybyl found a potential location in downtown Mesa to re-home the bakery. We are proud to partner locally with Hayden Flour Mills, Queen Creek Olive Mill, and DNA Chocolate. Content posted by community members is their own. But then Jon is using a powerful dough mixer and I'm hand mixing. In video after video, one of the owners, Jonathan Przybyl, relates his bakery journey in fascinating detail. Problems with their location began occurring in 2019 when the couple received a notice from Mesa Code Compliance about visible commercial storage on the property, Przybyl said. For over 23 years Bakehouse Bread Company has focused on the wholesale delivery of fine breads, rolls and buns to grocers, restaurants, and other vendors in the Southwest and now focuses on providing sweet breads and quick breads throughout the country. Their two-person business has now grown to a staff of 12 with health benefits, plus contractors. Great bakery. Hi! "We were constantly looking over our shoulder. Details: Location to be announced. Hi! This premium content is made possible because of your continued support of local journalism. J:  the flour addition is a great thing for us to revisit. When the pandemic struck, the couple added home deliveries. 11624265 and VAT no. He suspected one of the neighbors was watching their home and filing complaints with the city. His oldest daughter Amara started baking and selling cookies with Proof when she was six. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Myke Olsen, owner of Myke's Pizza, used to work at Proof. That's why it came as a surprise when about 40 days later, he received a notice they would need to cease operations at their residence by Jan. 15, 2020, Przybyl said. Proof Bakery is an Arizona Trade Name filed on April 9, 2013. Whether you are looking to buy a Arizona Bakery for sale or sell your Arizona Bakery, BizQuest is the Internet's leading Arizona Bakery for sale marketplace. I think it would be fun to reverse engineer this. The folks here will also be pleased to know that forum favorite Trevor Wilson commented on the video about their English muffins. Ken’s Artisan Bakery, Portland Don’t miss their classic croissant, the most popular laminated treat at the shop. Proof Bread Co., an artisan bakery specializing in sourdough bread, croissants and English muffins, has struggled through some sour moments with … :). Hi! The Mesa bakery, owned by husband-and-wife team Jon Przybyl and Amanda Abou-Eid, has had a steady presence at various Valley farmers markets and gained a local following over the years.