Set in .925 Sterling Silver, it has the stamp to prove it. The 40s saw war and the amount of fabric for clothing and the materials used for jewelry was restricted. Whether you have inherited some pearls from Grandma or have bought some in a thrift store, you may be wondering how to find out how much your pearls are worth. Pearls went through an evolution in history and in the fashion industry itself. Wouldn’t that be nice? They are also thought to promote: faith, loyalty, truth, purity and personal integrity. The interpretation is that Jesus is the merchant and He paid the great price of His life to buy the pearl. Pearls of all colors are believed to help a person open up and find the meaning of their true self. A pearl rope necklace is 40 inches or more and, typically, has two or three strands. If you are looking for a complete set, look no further. It is 17 to 18 inches long, looks like a choker, and is the most popular necklace style. Freshwater pearls can be seeded with just mantle tissue instead of a bead of mother-of-pearl or other material. They have been worn by Pierce Brosnan, Elton John, Kanye West (on his jacket), Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Pharell Williams, and Alice Cooper to name a few. Of the 8,000 or so species of oysters, only about 20 of those are able to constantly produce pearls. Examine the luster of the pearls. A Certificate of Authenticity and Appraisal is offered with this set. In the 70s, the hippies didn’t want fake anymore, but the real thing. It has long been a symbol of elegance and good taste. Initially, pearls were such a status symbol and only the ruling class were permitted to wear them. Another pearl wearing icon was Jackie Kennedy. Jennifer Brister a freelance writer located in Northeast Louisiana. Some people say they are almost extinct. We are grateful! Pearls with imperfections, such as blemishes, spots or flaws, are not worth as much as pearls that are spotless. If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet lovely, gift this it. The world’s oldest gem is timeless and sought after by many. If you want a classic pair for evening wear, this is your set. A Matinee necklace is about 20 to 124 inches in length and worn during the day. The individual He is looking for. First, there is a type. A wild pearl will be worth more than a cultured pearl. Abalone pearls are some of the world’s rarest and most sought after gems. Depending on the species, up to thirty of these fleshy seeds can be implanted. So, ethnic jewelry became popular and pearls took a backseat in fashion. People use the pearl to treat skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. A flawless pearl is truly rare and sells for a very high price. With no real proof as to the first discovery and where pearls originated, it is no wonder so many myths and stories have developed concerning their beginnings. Akoya pearl … They can be cultivated in either fresh or salt, water. Above all, remove pearls, when going swimming, applying cosmetics or hairspray, or spraying perfume. The short answer is: It Varies. Their body colors range from light pink to white or creamy. The freshwater pearl is less expensive, Typically it ranges from $50 to $2,000. In one legend, Eve cried tears which turned to pearls when she was banished from Eden. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. It is approximately 16 inches in length. This is our favorite pick! The larger the pearl, the more it is worth. Get the best deals on Vintage Pearl Necklace when you shop the largest online selection at From shop VickysJewelrySupply. A strand of conch pearl necklace can fetch over US$400,000. 99% of fake pearls are low quality, only suitable for costume jewelry. So when wondering how much are pearls worth, now you know everyone can afford a pearl piece of jewelry. Pink Pearls and Lace Digital Scrapbooking kit, ivory pearl clipart and digital paper, vintage lace and pearls graphics DigitalCurio. It is nestled in .925 Sterling Silver and hangs elegantly from a 17” chain. It is a designer pendant and boasts a 9-10mm freshwater cultured pearl. Eventually, the pearl is formed. The pearl has been a valued trade commodity since Roman times. Hold the tape measure up to the pearl, and stretch it across to measure the size. Baroque pearls have no regular shape and are not symmetrical. The first cultured, or farmed, the pearl was made in 1893 by Kokichi Mikimoto. Round your measurements to the nearest half millimeter. Pearls hold their value through time and vintage pearl jewelry is worth a lot of money. White Sapphire vs Diamond: Complete Comparison, What is Zircon? As a result, by the 19th century, oyster supplies began to dwindle. Pearl Values It's often assumed that because something's old it must be valuable. These are created by the endangered queen conch snail and as yet have not been successfully cultured. They became “cool” in 2013 when Alber Elbaz used the pearl in conjunction with an imitation pearl and stacked them on chains to spell “love” and “hot”. When it comes to Christian theology, they are mentioned in the Bible. The uses of pearls are endless and unlimited. Prices of freshwater strands can range from $50 to $2,000 Pearls of other colors include white and pink. They often adorned Coco Chanel and she rarely went without them. If the necklace has a lobster claw closure use it. Chocolate-brown conch pearls are the rarest, but the ones that command the highest prices have salmon pink tones and saturated pink colours that create a flaming display of light. A cultured pearl is farmed and created. This beautiful pearl colour is popular for pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. Aloha! Generally, the price range of these pearls lands between $300 to $10,000. After that, the surface quality, whether it’s natural or cultured, the luster, and so on. If this was a real pearl necklace it would be worth a fortune! 5 out of 5 stars (27,743) 27,743 reviews. In ancient Rome, as early as 2300 BC, pearls were used as gifts when presented to royalty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed to make this a very affordable piece. White pearls, in some stories, are tears shed by Gods. Cultured Freshwater pearls are the only ones that are naturally pink. Pearls are a true “classic” when it comes to jewelry. Pearl powder, in Asian cultures, is believed to have both physical and metaphysical healing powers. Your imagination is the limit. There is such an abundance of pearl fans there are too many to mention. The most expensive pearl, in the world, was found by a Filipino fisherman. Pearls come in a wide variety of types. Today, anything goes and there is freedom to do as you please and it pleases us to wear pearls. Dyed Cultured Pink Pearls. Taylor’s famous La Peregrina 16th century pearl brought a price of $11.8 million US dollars. Cultured (farmed) pearls were discovered in Japan and by 1935 there were 350 pearl farms. Cultured pearls have an internal radiance, but imitation pearls only have an exterior shine. The pearls also have excellent orient and beautiful overtones that accentuate the beauty of the stone. Her writing can be found in several publications, including "The Circle," "Carbon Cotton Magazine" and "Fashion Advantage Magazine." 1) Pearls that occur naturally Naturally occurring pearls hold a significant value due to the rarity of pearls being produced. Lavender. Pearls today are receiving as much attention as any other stone, and with the renewed interest in pearls, you might be wondering how much your pearls are worth. Akoya, Tahitian (from French Polynesia and Tahiti), South Sea (from Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines), white, cream golden, and black (includes grey, blue, green, and purple) are varieties of pearls. However a pearl is cared for, the words to remember are “with great care”. These wild pearls were particularly popular during the Victorian era, but lately these beauties have been the star attraction in spectacular designs from jewelers around the world over the last few years. Traditionally, freshwater pearls range in size from 6 to 10 mm, but recent innovations in freshwater pearl farming have given birth to a new generation of pearls that grow as large as 15 mm. Akoya pearls are typically roundish. This is a trendy piece and a perfect low budget and buying friendly option. They enlighten and inspire the mind and mood and help the person wearing it to love self and others more. A pearl is cared for differently than other gems. She often used them to accentuate her playful, mischievous, facial features. Pearl lover, The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton), Grace Kelly, and of course Princess Dianna frequently wore them. Without seeing your bracelet, it's nigh impossible to tell anything about it, but as a guess, I would say you have a strand of dyed freshwater pearls and $75 might be about a middle retail price here in the states. As far as price is concerned, it reflects the quality of the set and they will be considered a great investment! In Vedic manuscripts, pearls are fashioned from the earth’s water and the powers of heaven. Pearls come in many varieties of colors, such as black, silver, cream, white and gold. Pearls are worn in: the political arena, journalism, the arts, and in sports. As a result, a pair of natural pearl earrings, worn by Empress Eugenie (wife of Napoleon Bonaparte), sold for a record high of $3.3 million at an auction, recently. But primarily, pearls were harvested in the Persian Gulf, until they began to be farmed. Take a look at our buying tips and choose the best possible pieces for you. We like it as a bridesmaid gift, Mother’s Day gift, or Valentines Day gift, or a gift to celebrate yourself. They are worn by Monarch’s, Kings, Queens, Hollywood stars, the common person and everyone in between. South Sea pearls are the most valuable pearl. Freshwater farming has some advantages over the seawater process. The middle pearl shows pink and green orient, while the overtone of the pearl on the left is mostly green. It can be paired with anything from casual business attire to evening gowns. Cultivators place the foreign mantle tissue in the mantles of the host mollusk. At this point in time, divers harvested pearls and it wasn’t until the 20th century they began to be cultured. It used to be, a pearl was harvested by divers who would retrieve the oysters. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. All this and there was no guarantee a pearl would even be in the oyster. Timeless elegance defines Tiffany’s collection of pearl jewelry. Avoid direct contact with these when wearing pearls. The value of pearls depends on a number of factors including their color, size, luster, shape and variety. This fake pearl is often painted and covered in a material that simulates a pearl-like luster and false iridescence. When you focus on them, they will no doubt bring positive change. It’s hypoallergenic and free of lead and nickel. A “Baroque” pearl is one that is not perfectly round, or non-symmetrical. Everything You Need to Know, sold for a record high of $3.3 million at an auction. Pearls are worn in many cultures so women can connect to their inner goddess and maximize feminine energy. Pink pearls are one of the most popular pearl colors besides the classical white pearls (with a golden hue due to their nacre). This set includes a double-strand necklace, a pair of earrings and a double strand bracelet. Men have begun wearing them as well. They are even using pearls on their models. They are not cultured and almost never found. A pearl can be: in a set of earrings, a pearl ring, a necklace, in a broach, and on a bracelet. The pearls were strung in long strands and were called sautoirs. Pearls can also adorn shoes, gloves, jackets and coats, and hats. Get the best deals on Majorica Pearl Necklaces when you shop the largest online selection at The pearl is not mined, however. There is eight sizes in between as well. The creature tries to coat the irritant and forms layers and layers of nacre around it. ✓ Pearls can also be damaged by heat and dry air. If supplies of high-quality pearls displaying a preferred color are low, their prices can rise to unusually high levels. Most are made of glass, plastic or shell beads. On average, real pearls are valued between $300 and $1,500. A strand of pearls can be valued at anywhere from hundreds of dollars to millions. Jewellery Piece. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The formation of a pearl is, quite honestly, an accident. This will ensure they hold both their value and their beauty. Things like vinegar, lemon juice, perfume, cologne, and other chemicals can crack them or turn them brown. Do not use detergents, dishwashing liquid, cleaners like Windex (ammonia based), baking soda, powdered cleaners, or bleach. Though pink conch pearls are most commonly seen in jewellery, other colours can also make for spectacular and highly unusual creations.