AFTER searching for his dog for three years, a man had a … More. Giorgi Bereziani of Tbilisi, Georgia lost his beloved pet Jorge in 2015. By Mark Hanrahan. More. It’s a new day for DayDay. Owner Finds Dog After He's Been Lost For 3 Years October 22nd, 2018. Even the most optimistic people would have decided to move on at a certain point. Such a heartwarming reunion video below! It’s devastating to lose a pet. Owner Finds Dog Missing for 3 Years After Spotting Pup's Picture on Beer Can Kelli Bender 2/3/2020. One man finally found his lost dog after searching for him for three years. This is the beautiful moment Jorge the dog is reunited with his owner after three years of being lost. It’s a new day for DayDay. After awhile, the situation started to look hopeless. Giorgi Bereziani, 62, lost his beloved pet in 2015. Share. It’s safe to say that these two won’t let each other out of their sights for now on. Not knowing where they are or if they’re ok or out there hurting somewhere. Woman to be reunited with dog lost for 3 years after its picture was featured on beer can Monica Mathis’s dog vanished from her front yard in 2017. Emotional reunion (Video) Three years ago, Giorgi Berejiani‘s cherished dog, Jorge, went missing from their home in the city of Tbilisi, Georgia — but though tested, the bond of love between them never broke.After his dog’s disappearance in 2015, Berejiani looked everywhere for Jorge. Man finds his dog living on streets after 3-year search in heartwarming video Man reunited with dog after three years. The pup’s reaction to seeing his owner is so joyful that anyone will truly shed a tear. Lost dog living on street cries with joy when owner finally finds him after 3 years apart November 9th, 2020. By Jessica Contributor at Animal Channel Are you ready for a tear-jerker? "We are just delighted that a Minnesota owner will be getting their dog back after three years because of what we did," said Denise Tschida, co-founder and president of Motorworks Brewing. Lost Dog Living On Street Cries With Joy When His Owner Finally Finds Him After 3 Years. The dog did not turn up and Giorgi told his friends and loved ones to keep an eye out for him. Pizio never stopped missing Lucy, but when he and his ex fell out of contact, he lost track of Lucy, too. Mary Claire Patton, Digital Journalist. Owner Finds Dog Missing for 3 Years After Spotting Pup's Picture on Beer Can. By Christine. Owner Finds Dog Missing for 3 Years After Spotting Pup's Picture on Beer Can. Even though the chances were very slim, this owner never gave up on finding his loyal pup. McCann and Pizio rushed down to the event, worried that they had missed their chance at a reunion. The dog looked just like Lucy — a shelter pup he had adopted with his ex-wife in 2015. The smiley rescue pup ended up at Manatee County Animal Services (MCAS) in Florida in March 2019 as a stray. February 3, … The emotional moment a man finds his lost dog, three years after the pooch went missing. Texas county hard-hit by coronavirus issues new stay-at-home order.