If you plan on rocking a legendary Zombie Commander, plan on blue lightning too. If you want a combo with Brago pick Strionic Resonator. COLLECT ALL FOUR. Im really glad to be apart of this community. Add in all three of the viable Hondens for even more fun. It’s also one of the best ways to stay in and eventually win a game of Commander. I wanted to quickly drop a line to mention that https://CommanderSpellbook.com has garnered over 50 combos (from the community) using cards spoiled in Commander Legends. EDHREC. This is absolutely the most heinous combo on this whole list. For any deck employing black and the Champion, he works wonders with False Cure, and the upcoming Origins' Tainted Remedy. And that’s all governors! Also, since it says player and not opponent, you can target yourself with a Torpor Orb out, and then blink him for your own shenanigans. Commanders: Kess, Dissident Mage or Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge. Depending on your goal and current in-game situation you’d want to invest in a best commander in ROK … Kaalia is less combo-y about it, but you can definitely sneak him in and attack another time. Your opponent automatically has to deal with getting rid of it before they can cast any creature spells, buying you valuable time to keep up your shenanigans. This combo creates a loophole where you can just keep recasting your Commander, even from the command zone, for zero. ; Use the Card Filter bar to search for combos with a specific amount of cards. Scaredypants allows Purphy to do his two damage thang every turn essentially. My Feldon article is located here, and it is loaded to the gills with juicy combos that work alongside Feldon. Incidentally, you can always try to make either of these Commanders unblockable, which means you might consider Dauthi Embrace or Shizo, Death's Storehouse or Trailblazer's Boots or Whispersilk Cloak... any number of things. This is an infino-combo. I feel it's the perfect format for a Johnny to thrive in, and for a casual player to engage in. You could substitute in Rishadan Pawnshop or Cold Storage or Sundial of the Infinite instead of the stylus. Azorius; Dimir; Rakdos; Gruul; Selesnya; Orzhov; Izzet; Golgari; Boros; Simic; 3 Color. I've been enjoying Vish Kal and Illusionist's Bracers recently. Here's a fun Protip: If you have out, There are painlands, and then there are painlands. Protip: The 'slayer and. These two are a Zombie match made in-- heaven? Just Stellar. If I left off your favorite Commander combo, share it with everyone reading in the comments below. Not only that, but a land with a gorgeous new map-inspired frame. That colloquialism is ill-fitting. Conjurer's Closet, or Safe Haven or Tawnos's Coffin. Look at how epically horrid this combo can be. How about making all of your creatures have pro-everything? Rise of Kingdoms “Commander Tier list” outlines the best commanders per different game attributes. It's my favorite format, for many, many reasons. --- This is my favorite (and most competitive) Commander/EDH deck. As such, “commander-ness” cannot be copied or overwritten by continuous effects. Kykar, Wind’s Fury combo. I also have the, On July 7th, 2015 I finally assembled this combo in a game where an opponent let me actually see the full fruition of my Machiavellian tasks. Richard is also working well with extra healing but this can get countered easily with Saladin or Mehmed attacks, so be careful here. If all else fails, you can shuffle your library. So, I guess like all humans, both in game and out. 2. This is a very unexpected combo with Gisa as your Commander, and nets you twelve 2/2 Zombies for the low-low price of two mana. Being a commander is not a characteristic [MTG CR109.3], it is a property of the card and tied directly to the physical card. I played a game where the first creature I cast was Tandem Lookout, the second Edric, third Sakashima! I know he goes infinite with umbral Mantle and leyline of Abundance, But with umbral Mantle and literally any elf that goes infinite, you generate infinite mana then attach mantle to your commander and go infinite and win instantly, Or llanowar tribe gets infinitely big with altar of dimentia, They're all elves, so they all make priest and archdruid big enough. As the teaser said, this is a wealth of knowledge (There Boosh goes, being a Thundersong Trumpeter tooting his own proverbial Horn of Plenty), so each combo discussed has bits of info that may lead to a different combo or a deck idea. Kiora's Follower + Kiora's Follower + Illusionist's Bracers. Paradox Haze, besides being a card I love in 60-card decks, is a simplistic and fun combo. Is this thing on?") Brago can't pull this off unless he also has out a Flickerwisp or something, since Brago is creatures you control. Thank you! On top of that, add a Dolmen Gate for frak's sake. He is amazing when you don't have to worry about his drawback. Both Alesha and Kaalia can cheat him into play, bringing him in tapped and attacking, and overwriting his latent effect of "Attacks only once." The Champion has always held a special place in my heart, even before I knew it looked like the Mandalorian-hatin', Sith-aligned, bounty huntin' Durge. Placing a counter on Ragworm ensures the Kraj can tap and untap as much as is needed. Ok, now we are really entering into the territory of my favorite combos ever. Right now, as far as my own eyes tell me, a very high percentage of games that are at least medium (however you want to define it) power level end in combos. a 5/5 lifelink for four mana that actually gains you ten when it does damage. If you play Teferi as your Commander, you should be well versed in including a whole bunch of artifacts that tap for mana, like, This may seem like a no-brainer, but honestly, it's ridiculous fun. In a Wanderer deck, you want to maximize your potential for Cascades by stacking your deck. Seriously, read the article, and enjoy the fun deck I put together. Ashes works great with Lord of the Undead, and Soulshift. Roon holds no impediment to flickerblinking out your Drake to steal more creatures. Don't forget your standard Turn to Mist-spells also work on the Drake, or Man-o'-War. While you are it, add in Magus of the Coffers for infino-mana with either of those untappy equipment. Since he can't attack during extra turns, you should get the best bang for your buck by hitting your opponent twice and scoring two extra turns. When you are cheating things into play with Zirilan, you want to make sure you can keep that Dragon from being exiled. Commander (1) My take on the new 4-color artifact commander. If you do use Rooftop Storm, it's fun to note that Grimgrin can be cast for zero from your command zone, and the crawler can be cast from your graveyard for zero too. (Garuk's Packleader) and Call of the Wild also work perfectly here, as well as Bloodline Shaman and Zoologist. This combo works really well alongside, I've spoken about this before, and I'm a big proponent. If you join the discord, hit me up and I'll give you the contributor role! The additional cost should still get added, if you follow the rules. *disclaimer: I am only human, and obviously have my own tastes. The Best Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms. If we considered Pentarch Ward (assuming blue or white was not choosen) or better yet Traveler's Cloak instead we would run into the problem that if we flickered both Brago and the aura, the aura could not go back on Brago. White; Blue; Black; Red; Green; Colorless; 2 Color. Tajic has always been a Ravnica version of Iron Man to me. The possibilities of Commander rival those of any other formats, especially since the games can be so gosh darn fun, and/or creative. I have pulled this off a few times. Prepare to lose a lot of friends, but you own maniacal laughter might be worth it-- your call. In fact, it has to get hosed 4 times for it to cost only one mana more than its original CMC, which is epic. and a Dolmen Gate. Adding in Goblin Charbelcher makes for a fun win-con in a Commander deck like that. Iroas also helps keep the Master around too. ), when you activate the staff on one of them, you can actually restack your deck however you want. The card retains it’s commander-ness through any status changes, and is still a commander even when controlled by another player. This is a pretty good jumping off point if you are looking for a new deck, or a new combo you hadn't thought of, or starting your journey into the wondrous world of Commander. There are so many cards I love to pair with Doran: Zany ones like: Meandering Towershell; Straight-forward ones like Indomitable Ancients or Yoked Ox; Legends like Trostani or Selvala become 5/5 for four mana or 4/4 for three mana, respectively, while also retaining extreme usefulness. A fun interaction I've always loved is Proteus Staff with a creaturless deck. Field Rally Suns. I love Soothsaying here because you can dig deep on the end of the turn preceding yours in order to Cascade into useful things. If you knew how double-faced cards worked before, you're mostly ready for these new ones. please allow a simple mistake like saying hand instead of command zone, as it was unintentional! Cards that would sit and collect dust for eons or perhaps even be thrown away or turned into magnets or something on Etsy, in the real world anyway, are veritable gold or fattie bombs in the world of Commander. They are both Mardu, and both of their abilities, while still different, are dependent on them attacking, which means they need to survive said attack phases in order to continue with their chicanery. These go together so much, that I've combined their exposition into one block. While we are at it, in case you are curious, you can return Kaalia with Alesha, but Kaalia's trigger doesn't go off unless you declare her as an attacker, which can't happen if she enters the battlefield tapped and attacking. Nim Deathmantle, Phyrexian Triniform, Ashnod’s Altar/Krark-Clan Ironworks/Phyrexian Altar (Instead of listing each altar in separate entries), Sensei’s Divining Top, Amareth, the Lustrous, Cheering Fanatic/Herald of Kozilek/etc. In Vintage, sometimes the game is over in a blink. Seeker Adept will return. Since she's a Merfolk, you could always rock monoblue Merfolk tribal and add this in as a possibility, even if you never draw it-- that's my preferred play method. Hello? Adding in more ways to tap King Midas here, like, say, Paradise Mantle or Viridian Longbow, is one way to go-- as is adding in some more Inspired creatures. I'm talking about my Combo Compendiums, Vol I and Vol II. To combo with these, use Mirri's Guile or Sensei's Divining Top/Crystal Ball and stuff like that, as well as Reclaim, and Worldly Tutor. Stitcher + Sidisi = Black and Blue Zombies, also known as BRUSIER ZOMBIES. Combos; Commanders . Commander is a Magic: The Gathering (MTG) multiplayer format where alliances are formed, friends are betrayed, and grudges are repaid with a vengeance. Maybe I misspoke about that, but the actual AURA doesnt have procreatures, so you can flicker it and reattach it to brago for the next time it attacks, as you say. I shall return one day. Thanks for joining me on this ride. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Equip it with Runed Stalactite. Now that all of the dragoncentric Khans block has been released, there are a significant portion of blue and black dragons, and making a blue and black tribal deck is an option to you for Silumgar to work, Hexproof, counters, deck-sifting spells and maybe you come across this little combo. Old Combos New Play Lines – Commander MTG | Patrick Marlett. You could always sub in, Of course, you're going to want to give Medomai some sort of evasion so he absolutely can't be blocked. Regarding Skullbriar and Varolz it should say that you could put it back into command zone not hand. Of course, to have more Paradox Hazes, add in Copy Enchantment and Clever Impersonator. You cannot tell me you haven't seen Horde as a Commander of a five-color control deck. Infantry Commander. I love me some Commander. Of course, you could always use the ragworm in a three card combo with. Pretty win-win. Of course trying to catalog all sorts of combos is a never-ending quest, and I haven't done one in a while. As I said in one of the FFTR podcasts, Pia and Kiran turn into an artifact token, thus, before they fizzle out due to the clause in Feldon's ability, can be sacrificed to themself for two damage, and they leave behind two thopters. Teysa is your Commander, and you use some obscure card like (Bull Whip) to force a creature to attack after you put out the Betrayal. All the new mono-colored legendary creatures in Core Set 2020 have hefty mana costs. When he isn’t attacking with red creatures, he can be found mountain biking or playing the guitar. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hibernation's End, and stuff like Yisan, the Wanderer Bard or Green Sun's Zenith also combo off of Hua, to an extent. In a Sidisi deck you should be a Buddhist, and embrace the concept of Impermanence. Underworld Breach is a nutty card that is both extremely cheap to cast while … The cards are listed in ascending order, so this is definitely no top 10. You can, in fact, attack with him again. The answer is Yes, yes you should. I like looking at combos just for fun even if its not going into a build. About the 'surviving combat' situation: Iroas is half a Goblin War Drums (now with added Menacing!) Covered this in my Land Week theme article, but it's still epic, and I share it now in hopes you one day employ it. Thank you! Cabal Paladin + Zero Cost Artifacts. Thran Turbine is perfect for you to get a free activation outta Jhoira during your upkeep. I dropped the Worldslayer and equipped it, and attacked, wiping my opponent's entire board while leaving mine to taunt him in the wake of destruction. I love Fact or Fiction and cards of its ilk, which put cards into your graveyard from your library, giving you zombies and card advantage... but my favorite interaction is with Geralf. Reducing the Umbra by one, and thus it goes: Tap Paradise Mantle equipped Macar for one mana, untap him for two mana, exile an opponent's creature and get a gold token and hey, there's that mana you used back, making this a 0 cost, infino-effect. He primarily plays Commander, Pauper, and Modern, and has a passion for introducing new players to the game. Despicable. I am not sure if it works on MTGO, but the combo of rooftop storm + zombie commander should not work. 1 General Info 1.1 Relevant pages 2 Legendary 3 Epic 4 Elite 5 Advanced 6 Unobtainable 7 Specialties If you want to battle, you need a commander. So this list is subjective, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Flying is why Sephara, Sky’s Bladeis a sneaky solid option for some Commander decks. Because it involves Saprolings, my first and truest Magic the Gathering love. This is just such an awesome frakkin' combo. Here are the new Scarlet Commander and Crimson Elite skins in Fortnite! There are a lot of artifact and enchantment decks in EDH, so it’s no surprise … Hence, you cannot flicker Brago AND the aura. In Modern, all of my lands are mountains, I'm sure. EDHREC is a MTG Commander website that analyzes a large database of Magic: The Gathering decks to help players with the format. ( | Jesper Ejsing) A Showdown of Showdowns It’s time for this showdown of Commander Legends, the set review for the three-colored legendary creatures! Easy to build, but there are other plans in the works for the future of the site. Top Commanders; Mono. The Deck: First created in its modern form by reddit user/u/cobblepott, the Karador Boonweaver Combo deck is one of the strongest non-blue competitive combo decks. These are the flashiest of combos and highlight the divide between players who play to win and those who playto win. Did anything inspire you to make a new deck? There's lots of fun things you can pass on to your opponent, like Bronze Bombshell or Delusions of Mediocrity... but nothing beats a Steel Golem handoff. His deck, since this list, has changed very little except to have a Karn and Ugin in it. Skullbriar is your Commander.