I need total of 40 > of either .” >, hi i was wondering what are the native trees do you have i would like to put it in my farm so that my farm will have beautiful kind of trees my farm is located somewhere in rizal btw the trees i need as much as possible small so that i can see them grow, We have sent a reply to your email regarding Philippine Native Plants. Today, it’s just a little below four feet tall. Hi. . . Meron po ba kayo ng Sibukao/Sappan? , Fire tree (Royal Poinciana) Regarding your laurel inquiry, we have sent a reply to your email. It is always a pleasure to meet fellow native tree enthusiasts! when I came back to the Philippines last year; I tried to find suchwild plants which fruits I used to pick and eat when I was a kid. Land lines: (02)655-0143; (02)655-8901 Thank you! We have sent a reply to your facebook messenger and also our updated availability list. You are welcome to come visit our farm anytime! Thank you.. Meron po ba kayong dahon ng laurel? Hi! Hi, pwede po makahingi ng price list ng mga plants na hindi common in Metro Manila. Pa send na din po list of available seedlings tnku, Hi Christopher! Thank you very much. Also include a sketch to your nursery farm. Fax number: (02)8655-0143 Evergreen trees yield softwood, which is easier to cut and work with, whereas deciduous hardwood trees are denser, sturdier, and relatively more difficult to work with. Do you have an Agarwood seedlings for sale? Thank you. We have sent a reply to your email regarding Ravenala. Softwood - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. I have been seeking this tree for a long time. Thank you! Sorry! Regarding your banaba inquiry, we have sent an updated availability list to your email. Thanks, A copy of our availability list was sent to your email galantstick@yahoo.com . Hi do you have henna plant/henna plant seeds? Hi! Pls send me a list of available Philippine native trees. for your shipment inquiry you may contact me at 09207644924. You are welcome any day to visit our farm! Salamat. Cellphone number: 09207644924. would you have this tree for sale? good day po, meron po ba kayo seeds/seedlings ng lapnisan (agarwood). 705, otherwise known as the "revised forestry code of the philippines", m a n i l a. presidential decree no. Please let me know. Are visitors allowed to see your farm? matamis kc ubg bunga so feeling ko po maganda din ung klase ng fruit na ibubunga in time (after ng maraming taon ). Can you pls send me a list of fruit bearing trees that is available , has colorful leaves in season. For further information you may also browse these books on the list: https://caintaplantnursery.com/resources/. A showbiz news website reporting on the projects and personal lives of Filipino TV, music and movie celebrities. You are welcome to come visit our farm any day! Orchid (seeds) Hello! American softwoods have the strength … bottlebrush Hope to hear from you po. I would like to ask if how to order this plant, lanite. how much? I need it for my research. Wireless: (02)697-5278 Hi! How much. Fax number: (02)8655-0143 meron po ba kayo Bay Laurel plants to grow? Where is your nursery located? Sorry but we do not have coconut trees in our farm. Many thanks! I am a poultry farmer from bataan,Currently I am searching for the right species of plant or trees that I could use in the farm.The main concern for me is the ventilation discharge from the barn,so I need something that could filter the air discharged from the house.I am also wanting to have rare species planted around the perimeter,like almaciga,dalindingan,giho or something that is endemic to our country.If there are a good size available,how tall is it and how much if I order in bunch.I would gladly appreciate your timely response.Thanks and God Bless. Thanks a lot! On Sat, 5 Sep 2020, 11:05 am Cainta Plant Nursery, wrote: > Ronald R. Juinio commented: “Good evening, im looking for Siar tree and > Dap Dap tree sapling. I found it to be very helpful and informative. . ano po prices please? Lastly, The project is an eight hectare landscaping for an architectural project, is it possible to negotiate the prices if the client is to buy quite a number of plants and trees? We hope you have received the availability list we sent to your email. Thank you…. An availability list was sent to your email. Good Morning po, Im a Pharmacy student po and may requirement po kami to bring Batino leaves po. Like, Areca parens and A. hutchisoniana. You may try champaca as it is from the family of magnolia.:). . Policy making, coordinating and grants giving body for culture and the arts in the Philippines. If so, I would like to order white, lavender, pink and red varieties, if you have them all. at Oregano Vulgare? and if there is an extra cost? I need around 300 to 400. To yeslaurie@hotmail.com .thanking you ps very interested in bird attracting plants. Example of Kauri Tree. For your consideration, a copy of our availability list was sent to your email cher.bcruz@yahoo.com . Hardwood trees are trees that produce seeds in some covering. Regarding your inquiry we have sent a reply and availability list to your email. . , We have sent a reply to your email with a sketch to our farm and also our farm schedule. thank you, Thank you for visiting our farm and you are welcome to come visit us anytime! Thank you. Cellphone number: +639198249655; +639207644924. Please send email to gyllet20@yahoo.com, A reply was sent to your email gyllet20@yahoo.com regarding Agarwood . You may want to inquire from the manila seedling bank or a botanical garden near you. Hello do you guys have gagatang plant or sow thistle? I’m interested in flowering trees. . Ngayon lng po aq nagkainterest to our endemic trees.. can i also have the list of those trees and their prices together with the sketch on how to visit your farm.. heres my email add jurcelag@gmail.com, Can you send me your availability and price list. Have a nice day! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. And can i have list of plants u have? hello po, may benta po kayo na seeds of pili, acacia, or any of the indigenous trees? May dalawa varieties po, any is okay…. We have mostly gorgeous Philippine native plants which are quite uncommonly seen in our Philippine gardens and landscapes. Have ? I am a student researcher and we need a plant named Kamantigue for our investigatory project. or kahit bibilhin po namin? Our reply was sent to your email together with the sample picture . A copy of our availability list was sent to your email gchiu17@yahoo.com , Hi, meron po ba kayong olive seed at bantigue seed or seedlings? We have sent our reply toy our email as well as our availability list. Agarwood (Engl.) Thank you. . a tree that has nice flowers. We have sent a reply and also an availability list to our email. edz1434@yahoo.com. , Meron po kayo cinnamon tree or olive tree…seedlings. A copy of our availability list for tree planting acitivities was sent to your email . . Do you have a coconut tree. need more information about it, and do you have seedlings that I can buy, how much, and can I grow it in my garden? Please send me a list of what you have available with their prices plus your location map. Thank you very much! Ta, Our reply regarding your inquiry about palm trees was sent to your email. gerryvizcarra@yahoo.com, do you have charcoal tree? Thanks, Hi sir can i know what are plants u have that is endemic in phil. ). Good day how can we get propagules and propagate these endemic trees of the philippines? So exactly what are softwood trees? assam. Wish ko before my birthday magkaroon na ako ng puno ng Laurel. Thank you. I just need those for our feasibility study. We are happy to find another person who appreciates our native plants! Meron po ba kayong euphorbia milii? hi, we are interested in kratom tree seeds or plants, do u have them or know where we might aquire them from? Good day. Than You very Much, Do you have fire tree seedlings? We hope you may visit our farm sometime. Yung scientific name sa dalawang varieties ng tea plant ay…, -Camellia Senensis var. Do you have a Willow Tree available? can a balayong tree thrive in this area? also pwede po ba makahingi ng price list/ listing ng ready to dispose nyo na forest trees/fruit bearing trees? Good afternoon, meron po ba kayong laurel “bay” seed or small tree ? You are welcome to vist our farm anyday from 8AM-5PM. Hi good day! Please send me a list of your seedling availability to my email. Softwood is wood from gymnosperm trees such as pines and spruces. thanks! Any help would be greatly appreciated . . Do you have them? Please send me list of prices. ty. This list is huge and all the waterfalls are so stunning! Can you send me the list of trees that you are selling and price? It is also one of the many tree species endemic to the Philippines. . Good day! Hi may i know if you have bay leaves or dahon ng laurel.. how much if you have. On these mountains, pine trees are the dominant vegetation. May I ask po kung may available pong Kalingag tree sa inyo right now? Do you deliver? Do you have a Golden Saraca tree available? pwed po makahingi ng mga list of trees at ung prices po. thanks on January 10, 2013 at 11:32 am | Reply Cainta Plant Nursery Can you send me a list of what is available with their price. can we visit ur farm to choose what to buy? Butlo (Neg.) Thanks. Thank you. As requested we have sent our availability list and also a sketch t our farm if you wish to visit. Looking forward to visit your place before the holiday season. Thank you, As requested we have sent our availability list to your email. A copy of our availability list was sent to your email buena.v.aranda@gmail.com . Change ), A Philippine-based nursery growing plants and small trees. at magkanun po? Hi! . How much for the Guijo saplings? , Hi. Thank you! Pls advise if you have such kind of tree and how much. Hi! I also want to purchase some Sudyang trees but can’t find suppliers. Good day po! Thanks. These, especially tanguile wood, can be made into exterior application like for the window frames, walls, floor , … Some names of hardwood trees, which are broad-leaf trees, are teak, mahogany, and walnut. We are in San Pablo and have tidied up the subdivision roadside with creeping peanut plants. Hello! I would like to ask if you are having a tree called Bani or pongamia pinnata tree? 3.) Thank you very much! Hi do you have Jacarandra, Golden Shower, Pink Tabebuia, Palawan Cherry Blossom, Olive & Eucalyptus available at the moment? It is quite sour. native trees and flowering plant? Gerry S. Vizcarra I hope you could help me identify the common and scientific names of the plants. Do you have agarwood or Aquilaria apiculina? Hi do you have balbas bakiro? What tree species do you recommend to plant in riverbanks? Industrial Supplies & Services, Wood and paper, Timber & Timberland Companies, Wood Panels, Timber, Softwood, Plywood, Lumber and wood products, Philippine Softwood Products Inc. Edith I. Alcantara C. Alcantara & Sons, Inc. Victor A. Consunji, Philippine Softwood Products Inc. 111 A. The softwoods in the philippines are highly efficient in cleaning and gentle to the skin. Richard 09175380937. See more ideas about forest plants, trees to plant, shorea. Thanks. May I request for the price list and availability of your flowering trees and ficus varieties. Click on the pictures below to view the galleries of, Do you have seedlings for kalingag? or may I have a list of your plants available? Hello po. Hi I would like to know which of them would be suitable to grow in Batangas; how much and what about the availability. Can you provide me the prices? My wife is from the Philippines, and I prefer to plant your native trees on farmland in the Philippines. Hello! Do you have melendres plants? Hi, Ask ko lang if meron kayong Agarwood? Our indigenous trees are native to the area (not adapted). May banaba seedlings po ba kayo 1m tall po.. Salamat. You are welcome any day to come visit our farm! We look forward to your future farm visit , Do you have any tree planting activities this November cause our class is interested in tree planting activity please reply asap thanks. Jude. A copy of our availability list and sketch to our famr was sent to your email chrissie010385@yahoo.com , I am preparing a list of trees to be considered in a landscape design and implementation, may I have a copy of your list and corresponding prices? I wonder if they can be grown on tropical countries. Do you have indian beads po? I don’t know it’s local name. Our message wasn’t delivered to Laranangweng26@mail.com because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail. I need their flowers for my thesis.. About 1.5 – 2 kg of its flowers would suffice. how much and if ever do you sell leaves also? Do you ship to surigao city? additional: Our reply was sent to your email together with a copy of our availability list for your perusal . You are welcome to visit our farm any day. Need lang po asap. puede po ba malaman prices of the ff. Meron po ba kayong mahogany tree at narra? Thanks! Pamaluian (Bag.) We have sent a reply to your email concerning trumpet tree. A copy of our availability list was sent to your email mailto:renmaryutoc@gmail.com . Hi do you have aquilaria apicultina , Cherry blossoms in the Philippines? Do you know anybody that can plant them for me. Good morning, do you have jacaranda, fire tree ad golden shower small trees or seeds? A copy of our availability list was sent to your email aymundale@gmail.com and suggested alternatives for the melendres plants . Its not far anyway. We hope you were able to receive the list of native trees we sent to your email. Thnk you, hello po available po ba 1. bay leaf plant 2. comfrey 3. sakura 4. lychee sa farm niyo? Good day! Nope. Hello po meron po ba kayon Kratom seedlings? 1559. further amending presidential decree no. Will appreciate if you email me (1) your address/sketch. These locally grown fruits are not necesarrily native but are abundant enough to merit recognition as part of daily Filipino cuisine. Would you be so kind to send me an email containing a list of your available native trees, shrubs and bushes along with their respective descriptions and prices? Have a great day! Thanks! God bless!! . HI, do you deliver in Valencia, Negros Oriental? God bless! How much po? How much? Our list of suggested trees was sent to your email . . A copy of our availability list was sent to your email mailto:dodie_bulatao@yahoo.com . salamat po, Nkpagpadala na po kami availability list sa email nyo. We used to get leaves and placed these under our mattresses. Do you have sahing (Canarium luzonicum) or any plant under the family Burseraceae, plants which is related to pili. , I need po african talisay. pls e- mail me at demsie1130@gmail,com . If yes, can you send through my email kung magkano po at kung nagdedeliver din po kayo along metro manila (muntinlupa). Apologies if you received multiple copies of my earlier comment. You are welcome to visit our farm any day from 8AM-5PM. Hello Boyet! Thanks. good morning po, meron po ba kau Aquillaria malaccensis tree. I also bought a catmon seedling from your nursery four years ago. Trees that lose their leaves in the autumn, such as oak. thanks, A reply was sent to your email regarding our Santiki , Do you have golden shower… fire tree… tanguile? Our popular flowering trees for your consideration are: red tabebuia, red banaba, catmon, potat, bayag usa, cerbera, adelfa, calachuchi, coral tree, pink tabebuia. We look forward to your future farm visits! Sorry! We have sent an availability list to your email as requested. . Hi I really love your trees. Thanks po in advance. at Magkanu per tree? Can you please send me a price list of your current seedlings for sale… awaiting your kind immediate reply, I am… best regards and God bless///, A copy of our lists was sent to your email , Sorry, we do not have Palakata or Paper tree in our farm. Wood species like the Pine, which grow seeds in hard cones, are an example of softwood. Regarding your plant inquiry, we have sent a reply to your email. Cellphone number: +639198249655; +639207644924. How tall and how old are they if I buy? Can I ask you to send the names (local and Scientific) of endemic trees, how you each seedlings? Regarding batino and red tabebuia, we have sent a reply to your email. we needed it for research experiment, We have sent a reply as well as our availability list to your email. Good day! Preferably po yung namumulaklak.. thank you, hello po meron po ba kau na agarwood plant na available thankyou, Hello, could you send me an availability list and price for your indidgenous and ornamental plants? Can you please give me names of 15 pink or purple indigenous or endemic ornamental crops? You are welcome to visit our farm anyday! Thank you! Do you have willow tree in your nursery? Hi! Also, I’m looking for some Kalingag seedlings – do you have any available? Do you have Convolvulus arvensis (field bindweed) ? This list may not reflect recent changes ().A Adonidia merrillii Agathis dammara Agathis philippinensis Aglaia Hi! Are we allowed to visit the farm to take some photos? Others that have been tried and proven to last in Qatar (experienced nurseries in PH will know which ones these are), A copy of our availability list was sent to your email mailto:nikoyoyoh@gmail.com . Need urgent answer thankyou. Marami pong salamat. Ifever po may I request for a price list please?