", Pros: "The plane was new and very comfortable. Virgin Atlantic’s last flight to Grenada before the UK lockdown was Thursday, 5 November while British Airways’ last flight is … The gentleman’s seat was one row ahead but decided since there was an empty seat in our row he would sit with his girlfriend. Cons: "Walking up and down to get on/off the plane (small plane)", Pros: "The flight was delayed 5 hours. JetBlue has waived its change and cancellation fees on flights to Grenada. From. ", Pros: "Nicer movies please. when I did, they said I had to check in through American Airlines. Having booked the flight 8+ months prior, we were disappointed that we had less comfortable seats than originally reserved. Same thing for flight from dublin to prague. Cons: "As soon as I got onto the plane, a male flight attendant rudely told me there was no room for my carry on. I HAVE HAD SEVERAL TRAVELLING EXPERIENCES ON A VARIETY OF AIRLINES AND THIS WAS THE WORST FOR SAFETY. Discover flights to Grenada. If you are looking at up-season travel, then the 3 to 4 months prior to your departure date rule applies. Cons: "Every thing", Pros: "The on time boarding and departure." ", Cons: "No electric outlet for charging phone or laptop TV screen was very old and barely functional", Pros: "Nice aircraft and nice flight overall!" Cons: "Nothing! 3. Bought ticket via kayak chicago to prague, so I got outgoing trip on British airways but they codeshare it out to Aer Lingus. Cons: "Seats very uncomfortable, not enough leg room, too small ( I am a smaller person.). After getting a new trip number I was able to check in but our seats were changed and it was a red eye. It makes things difficult when you are living in Grenada for an extended period of time. They really lie and think we're idiots. The upholstery was all frayed and there were no headsets to listen to the video/audio unless you brought your own. Find deals on United States to Grenada flights. I find one and she says you missed your flight. ", Cons: "I had a very bad experience with Jet blue, they send me an email that the flight was still on time which was supposed to be at 11:am on September 21st , when we arived to the airport we found out that we were late for the flight so we missed our connecting flight, and we couldn’t get another flight to the destination, we paid for a full week and we won’t get there until Monday lm looking to get my money for All my losses, the Hotel in New York $254 the connecting flight and the coast of our resort, and all the aggravation the we got because of your scheduling, my name is Rola Barkho my address is 259 Wilson ave , Paramus nj 07652. ", Cons: "No blankets, no earphones, rude crew. ", Pros: "It started with a unclear check-in process, proceeded with a multi-hour delayed flight with several reasons given for each return back to gate. Find flights to Grenada starting at $131 today with Orbitz. I had to run around asking for someone to help the long line of people including me who were all in danger of missing their flight because no one was around to help. Flight cancelled, bad service, air hostess spilled coke on my bag. That's the main part, overnight flight so that was good we slept a little." Was very bright for the duration of the flight. Fly from United Kingdom on British Airways, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and more. My knees hit the seat in front of me when sitting upright", Cons: "They were not honest with the information given by stewardesses", Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "I have no complaints", Pros: "Airline crew was good. The overall comfort was superb. For the latest information, check our timetable. Also, the flight took off about 20 minutes or more late. So, strike one. The flight itself was a disaster and the captain said nothing during the prolonged experience of turbulence. Cons: "None. Gave the crew a break with the 'ok' only because I'm pretty sure none of this is their fault. Inflight entertainment were recent movies. Fly from United States on Caribbean Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines and more. The crew was friendly and spoke a wide variety of languages, including English, French, and of course Spanish. ", Pros: "The team were courteous and have smiles all the way." ", Pros: "The food was great" The curve of the seat makes it so that one must crane their neck the entire trip. The food at business class lounge and on the plane were below average comparatively to other airlines and their business class offerings. Great crew", Pros: "The crew were up and down making sure everyone was comfortable and the flight was very smooth." Seats were uncomfortable for an 8 hour flight, smelly, and flimsy. Gave us a rebooked connection that we had near zero chance of making. Cheap flights from Fort Lauderdale to Grenada in December, January 2021. *Fares displayed have been collected within the last 48hrs and may no longer be available at time of booking. ", Pros: "The flight crew and flight was quite good. Only one big screen coming out of the ceiling and playing a children's movie. Grenada-Airport is one of the major airports on Grenada. Find cheap flights to Grenada from £390. If the test result is negative, they will receive official notification of clearance from quarantine. Service fair." ", Pros: "The food was good and the cabin crew were wonderful." The cheapest ticket to Grenada from the United States found in the last 72 hours was $162 one-way, and $291 round-trip. This area was nothing short of pandemonium with agents yelling at us to form straight lines. A very pleasant experience overall, from someone who is a nervous flyer! And forget calling aer lingus 800 number. ", Pros: "Wow! Flight smooth." After pre-boarding they called for persons seated from row 15 and higher, that was the majority of persons and so we ended up being in line for quite a few minutes. ", Pros: "It didn't crash" Cons: "Lack of communication from airlines Delays Forced to pay a return flight fee plus hotel fee due to finair inabilityty to communicate and direct customers to right terminal. Flights in the evening are usually the most expensive. Took another airline", Pros: "the first flight from Chicago to London was great. Cons: "Boarding was a little complicated, somehow they couldn't pull or flights up. I could not be more disappointed. ", Cons: "The fact that there was a huge scramble with reservations....My flight was 2 pm, however, passengers who were present for the 4pm flight was allowed to board ahead of folks who were there for the 2pm flight. ", Pros: "flight attendants were great." Cons: "I had reserved the 2 back seats of the aircraft--a row of only those 2 seats--so I could sleep against the window and my husband would still have the legroom he needs. Unfortunately, the exit row space was cut off by and smaller than a normal row! ", Pros: "The t was a nonstop" Cons: "How much snacks can people eat?? The staff were super friendly. ", Pros: "Got to Paris. ", Pros: "Crew where very nice" ", Pros: "Apart from a well handled gate change, the flight was uneventful. ", Pros: "The delays were understandable as it was a snow storm. Flights arrive at the airport from approximately 0 cities. ", Pros: "Meals and leg room .in flight service was good." Find great deals on flights to Grenada starting at $130 when you shop on Travelocity. Sorry but the plain seating was very uncomfortable, food was so so! Made the trip so much better. There are no free seats", Pros: "entertainment" Snack were good too." It was uncomfortable for both of us because she had to use my legs to prop hers onto. ", Cons: "Seats are not designed for long haul flights", Pros: "We landed early, it was fairly comfortable in coach for a very tall person, and there was good communication from the flight attendants and pilot with the passengers. Cons: "I appreciate economy is the low end but now realise I should eat before boarding or bring my own food. Seats didnt go back no foot rest and the ear buds didnt fit ear. I had no idea what to do. Whether you're looking for a relaxing time in one of the white-sandy beaches or you prefer to explore the natural beauty of Grenada with a hike through the rainforest, a Virgin Atlantic ticket to Grenada from the UK will transport you far away from your daily routine. And THEN, when you think, no this can't get worse, there are a strong of three 2ND RATE movies shown back to back. Not everyone in my roll even took a bar. That was unfortunate but I do not know how Caribbean Airlines could help that...but due to the large number of carryon luggage, we were forced to put our backpack under our seats...and that made for a most uncomfortable flight..I wish there was a way to parcel out overhead space...i checked my luggage due to space and others crammed in whatever they could...", Pros: "Everything was absolutely perfect they leave early .on coming back we arrived early also the crew was friendly l would fly with them again and again thanks carribean air lines" I am not a fat person. Drinks are $8! ", Pros: "Entertainment was decent with new releases" 25% of our users found tickets to Grenada for the following prices or less: From Albuquerque $437 round-trip, from Dallas $559 one-way - $770 round-trip, from Accra $2,373 round-trip. ", Pros: "THE FLIGHT WAS on time." I asked for water to cool myself down and ov waited about ten minutes to get it after hitting my help button multiple times. Cons: "Just the food", Pros: "Lost my luggage and were not helpful and if was my sisters wedding", Pros: "Lots of room" Also can't really recall the uniforms. Flights to Grenada, current page How much is the cheapest flight to Grenada? ", Pros: "N/A" The food provided was tasty." Horrible food. He didn’t help me try to find room or do anything helpful at all. Oh, and did I mention the really really REALLY old pull-out remote control with a credit card phone on the flip side? My seat was very uncomfortable the entire flight. Find out more now Arriving early at destination!" I was disappointed that I was garanteed to receive my luggage but then not to have received it. He even made sure l didn’t miss my snack when I dozed off. I am very thankful. The plane was also not updated at all - not personal entertainment and once again, no ac/air for people to control. Cons: "The food is terrible on the flights. Cons: "Long walk from parking to terminal at JFK", Pros: "One particular male flight attendant was especially patient and kind in explaining things to me. The best prices found for FLL to Grenada flights for December, January. Cons: "Seat did not recline. Two unaccompanied minors in front of me was loud and always fighting. Maurice Bishop International Airport serves several airlines, including Caribbean Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. The meals were a hot sandwich with some pretzels. ", Pros: "The crew was helpful and nice. One of the reasons I flew this airline was because they promise reliable wi-fi on the flight and despite multiple attempts to troubleshoot, it never worked. Point Saline Intl Airport offers nonstop flights to 4 cities. ", Cons: "Passengers too crammed in closer together. Personality and great voice. ", Cons: "Everything was great about this flight, except that I had a row of seats that would not allow the arm rest to go down. Cons: "Long delay with minimal compensation. I was very frustrated with their online process, but then I consoled myself because I am very aware of the unconscious attitude of Trinidad services. We were also delayed due to maintenance that needed to be done on the flight. Cons: "Little or no entertainment", Cons: "I don't like the fact that the fares are none transferable to family members. Unfortunately, these dumbos haven't figured out that no matter what the gyrations they do, I still want to be able to pick my seat beforehand. Search hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights to Grenada. Book Cheap Flights from Boston to Grenada: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best flights for your trip to Grenada. Find cheap return or one-way flights to Grenada from $130 only. The flight was also an hour late taking off (I know, not AA's fault), which did not help the experience. Will never fly AA again. Considering that the demand for tickets usually spikes right before your departure date, it would be wise to get your hands on those Grenada flight tickets way in time. Fly from Manchester from £536. When trying to get seats I noticed there are very few seats left. At airport, I was willing to pay extra for a good seat because of the issues above, so they said they would help me out. Cons: "Seats unable to recline. With fares from GBP 342, we offer a great choice of food, drinks and onboard entertainment & WiFi. Point Saline Intl Airport offers nonstop flights to 4 cities. I would like to know what the compensation will be for this unpleasant event. The girl accommodated us with 2 seats in an exit row which resulted in us having some extra leg room. Movies are all free in any class of seat. Cons: "The discomfort of the seating arrangement. ", Pros: "The crew was excellent, I am a vegetarian and did not order a vegetarian meal but the staff made it so very easy for me." I won't choose American again to make this particular leg of travel (again, I bought the return from an agency that said it was a British Airways flight, but ended up being operated by American Airlines. Also the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee was undrinkable. Search Grenada flights on KAYAK. Every week, at least 20 domestic flights and 11 international flights depart from Point Saline Intl Airport. We had no overhead storage, which was already small, so we had to put our carry-ons multiple rows behind us -- which made exiting the plane a pain. I was psyched that the seat was designated as having a charger. The flight duration from Johannesburg to Grenada is approximately 24 hours. Cons: "A little more leg room would do! Yikes!!! Cons: "I didn't not enjoy all of the entertainment . Every week, at least 23 domestic flights and 13 international flights depart from Point Saline Intl Airport. Many of the kiosks were not working not working and there were not enough agents to help the throngs. Thank you! The flight had constant turbalence to go along with it. KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a given destination and date is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now. On time flight. Cons: "The shared screens. Crazy. ", Pros: "The planes the same the inflight menu screen is basically the same. Children under the age of 5 are exempt from presenting a COVID-19 PCR test result.Travelers are required to have a confirmed reservation at an Approved Accommodation or Apply for Home Quarantine at least 7 days prior to travel. The plane itself was new, very clean, and very well kept. ", Pros: "Didn't think we would be offered a meal for a 4 hour flight but we did. No individual TV's. Others were good despite the delay." * Wifi was free, which is a very nice JetBlue feature, but wifi was often slow. It would be nice for the pilot to reassure passengers", Pros: "nothing-" Additional terms apply. ", Cons: "* Flight was delayed, no one's fault. Find flights to Grenada from £313. Cons: "Big lines for the kiosks to print out the boarding pass, after that another line to drop off the lauggages. The crew on board were fine. Quarantine requirementsAll travelers are subject to health screening on arrival.All travelers are subject to a mandatory 7-day quarantine and COVID-19 testing on day 4 of the quarantine period. By the way it was our 28th years anniversary", Cons: "I had a late evening flight and my neighbors chatted very loudly the entire flight. Cons: "Sitting on the runway for an hour", Pros: "Fast, efficient, friendly service. ", Pros: "I liked that the seat reclined, access to some movies and shows, I LOVED the free WiFi.