Only 17 left in stock - order soon. Have you ever wondered why Curlex is so popular? 5 Stars. Curlex® Enforcer® – A bio-composite turf reinforcement mat designed for service of at least 36 months or more, this erosion control blanket is made from naturally seed-free Great Lakes Aspen excelsior fibers bound by 2 layers of extra heavy-duty black UV-enhanced netting to ensure permanent reinforcement between root systems and the established vegetation. 4939 Milwee St. Suite E. Dewitt AEC-SEGRN4 Curlex Single Layer Erosion Control Blanket,4x112.5 ,Green. Buy the best Erosion Control Blankets products at the best price at Richards Supply, your trusted general industrial supplier in Texas! KoirMat by far exceeds the demand for an environmentally friendly and economic erosion control product. polypropylene) or a mixture of natural and synthetic materials. Curlex® Double Net (Curlex® II) – An organic, consistently thick, specific cut of Great Lakes Aspen curled wood excelsior with at 80% of six inches or greater fiber length. Check out our selection for the best erosion results. AEC Premier Straw/Coconut™ Blankets – 70% of the finest quality weed seed-free agricultural straw and 30% top quality strands of coconut fiber are intertwined and evenly distributed in the erosion control blanket and stitched with a UV-enhanced black net on top and a UV-enhanced green net on the bottom. These blankets are used primarily to slow water runoff, provide effective sediment and erosion control, and enhance re-vegetation. Related searches. Curlex® NetFree™ Blankets – A 100% biodegradable erosion control blanket made from sturdy, interlocking, curled and barbed Great Lakes aspen fibers which require no netting to support the structure, resulting in little to no incidences of tripping and animal trapping. 713-828-8958. GeoCon Supply LLC knows what you need to make your home erosion control project a success. The larger Sq Ft and being double netted keeps seed in place and prevents Curlex provide temporary ground cover in channels and on slopes while the permanent vegetation germinates and matures. The multi-directional Curlex fiber matrix is bound by photo-degradable, biodegradable, or permanent netting. Skip to main content. What You Need To Know Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture , land development , coastal areas , … ©2017 BY GEOCON SUPPLY LLC. Pick up your order in store, shipped anywhere in the US, or for local delivery use our dedicated fleet of trucks in the Waco, Temple, & Fort Worth areas! Curlex I Erosion Control Fabric Single Netting Green 4ft x 112.5ft 5 5 Amazing stuff Kelley Wemark. Find Stores. Our erosion control blankets are effective in controlling erosion on slopes and channels, stabilizing soils long enough for re-vegetation seeding to establish on the site. Find erosion control at Lowe's today. UTAH LOCATION 1697 West 2100 North Lehi, Utah 84043 801.768.4422. Contact Our Experts. Filter View. Curlex RoadRunner is a mechanically installed erosion control blanket (ECB) system that has virtually rendered manual installation obsolete. Why Shop Erosion Control Products With Us? Contact us our experts are available to help with your reclamation, erosion control, turf and native seed projects. 4'x101’ Green / Natural. KoirMat erosion control matting is highly versatile with a wide array of applications in bioengineering and erosion control. The blanket goes away in 18 months. Shop erosion control and a variety of building supplies products online at This item A.M. Leonard Curlex II Erosion Control Blanket Fabric, Double Net, 4 Feet x 112.5 Feet Easy Gardener 3103 3x150 Natural Burlap Weed Barrier Fabric, 3'X150', 3 ft X 150 ft Tan Sandbaggy Jute Netting Roll - 225 ft Length by 4 ft Width Roll Size - Erosion Control Matting Blanket ~ Stops Erosion On Hills & Slopes (1 Roll) Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats protect when you have heavy water flow from an outfall or creeks flowing down hill at high velocity. 8’x112’ Recyclex. List price. View our full line of fabrics and straw blankets. Erosion and Sediment Control Products in Harrisburg, PA. Daniel B. Krieg has been providing quality erosion and sediment control products to Harrisburg, York, and surrounding regions for over 80 years. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm. Log in to see your price. Store Locator Store Locator Use My Location. Remember: There is only one Curlex. Lowe's Home Improvement Wishlist My Lists. COLORADO LOCATION 490 East 76th Ave., Unit A Denver, Colorado 80229 720.496.0600. Erosion control blankets are classified as short term, long term, or permanent use, mostly based on whether vegetation is intended to replace or work in conjunction with the blankets. Because the fibers interlock and … Devoll Erosion has a fleet of service vehicles which includes street sweepers, skid steers, trenchers and more. Curlex® Sediment Logs – Designed to reduce the velocity of flowing water and filter out sediment, these environmentally-friendly, degradable sediment logs are made up of intricate, interlocked fiber log matrices. GeoCon Supply has everything you need at discount prices. The naturally seed-free SiltTRAP™ fibers filter soil from the runoff and offer a mess-free alternative to silt fences. Erosion Control Blankets and Fasteners Related Categories Erosion Control Blankets; Visit our . Have a small or large Hydromulch project? PROUDLY CREATED WITH WIX.COM. The Original Curlex® Erosion Control Blanket – Designed using cuts of Great Lakes aspen fibers, these blankets were developed in the early 1960s to provide ideal conditions for grass seed growth, while simultaneously shielding the topsoil from water and wind erosion. Check out our selection for the best erosion results. Shop Savings Services Ideas. Erosion Control Blankets. Curlex® I is a single net biodegradable erosion control blanket made from Great Lakes Aspen curled wood excelsior with 80% 6-inch fibers or greater fiber length. 166 results for Sediment & Erosion Control near Alpharetta. UTAH LOCATION 1697 West 2100 North Lehi, Utah 84043 801.768.4422. The Curlex I Green works well for erosion control and holding the seed in place on locations that are flat to moderately sloped. Our blankets are designed to be used on gradual to steep slopes, with low to high velocity flow channels, and are available for both short term biodegradable applications, and long-term soil stabilization. The PS42 turf reinforcement matting from Erosion Control is manufactured from a composition of 67% polypropylene fiber and 33% agricultural straw stitched between a black UV stabilized polypropylene top net with a mesh size of 1.34 x 1.27 cm (0.53 x 0.5 in) and a black UV stabilized polypropylene bottom net with a mesh size of 1.59 x 1.59 cm (0.626 x 0.626 in). Now with more than 15 full-time employees, we are still offering the best erosion control methods including silt fence, curlex and orange safety fence. Curlex I Erosion Control Blanket, Natural, 4' x 112.5' Strong, durable, and absorbent, these erosion control blankets are made of wood fiber, and 80% of the fibers are 6˝ or greater in length. Curlex® CL Blankets – A cheaper, lighter version of the original Curlex Erosion Control Blanket®, this blanket promotes superior vegetation establishment support when compared to straight-lined fiber blankets (e.g. Recyclex® TRM and Recyclex® TRM-V – The first environmentally responsible turf reinforcement mat made from 100% recycled post-consumer goods designed to meet the most difficult erosion and sediment control challenges. CONTACT US. Our Curlex Excelsior Erosion Blankets are specifically designed to control soil erosion on slopes and channels, preserve the soil, and promote ideal growing conditions. Straw Blankets, Curlex Blankets. Give us a call and we can help you get everything lined up. Call 717-792-0284 for pricing and ordering information or contact us to place your order! Curlex II MSMC. The blanket materials are natural materials such as straw, wood excelsior, coconut or are geotextile synthetic woven materials such as polypropylene. With a wide selection of geotextiles, erosion control mats, erosion control blankets and coir, our erosion control products can be implemented in a wide range of applications for erosion and sediment control, as well as pollution prevention. If so, find out by viewing our Curlex Features and Benefits document. Ecoseed Protector 4' by 50' Contractor Grade Grass Seed Germination Erosion Control Blanket for Homeowners and Professional Contractors (1 ct.) Curlex® Bloc – A naturally seed-free and nontoxic alternative to coir logs, these Blocs are high-density, natural filters designed to start degrading during the first year of its 3-year lifespan to allow seed and sediment into the Curlex fiber matrix. Erosion Control Blankets protect the seed and soil to let the grass grow. Erosion control blankets from 84 Lumber can eliminate costly re-construction of degraded and eroded slopes. These blankets also have a built-in swell factor which allows the fibers to expand and form a stronger matrix when wet. Texas Erosion Supply is your one stop shop for all of your soil stabilization, turf establishment, erosion control and landscape specialty construction products. It is engineered specifically with Great Lakes Aspen curled wood fibers which promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed, while also protecting the topsoil from erosion. $68.77 $ 68. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. Shop erosion control blankets and a variety of building supplies products online at in Wisconsin for 25 years PROFESSIONAL EROSION CONTROL SUPPLY. Erosion Control Blankets are thick, fibrous blankets woven out of either natural materials (e.g. This blanket will leave a permanent membrane to protect the soil long term and help the grass stay in place. It keeps the ground cool and moist for easy germination. Curlex excelsior blankets protect grass seed by providing superior protection from soil temperature fluctuations. $87.57. A leading supplier of geotextile fabrics and erosion control products (straw blankets, silt fence, polymers, etc.) 8’x112’ Green / Natural. 99 $63.66 $63.66. List price. Add to cart American Excelsior Curlex Erosion Control Blanket-American Excelsior Type 1, Single Net GeoCon Supply carries all your blanket needs for your slope protection. The product being 8' vs 4' wide is extremely helpful in installation and purpose for large areas. Curlex I MSMC Curlex Blankets PD. Shop now for soil erosion blankets for stabilization and reinforcement of embankments and slopes. 4.2 out of 5 stars 115. Designed to promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed while simultaneously protecting topsoil from wind and water erosion. A.M. Leonard Curlex II Erosion Control Blanket Fabric, Double Net, 4 Feet x 112.5 Feet. $77.04. Weekend and after hours appointments are available upon request. Place Your Order 801.768.3967. Single Net Straw Erosion Control Blanket, 8’ x 112.5’ Constructed of certified weed-free agricultural straw, this blanket provides excellent rainfall and rain splash protection on shallow slopes and channel protection for low-risk, low-flow channels. Curlex® Enforcer® – A bio-composite turf reinforcement mat designed for service of at least 36 months or more, this erosion control blanket is made from naturally seed-free Great Lakes Aspen excelsior fibers bound by 2 layers of extra heavy-duty black UV-enhanced netting to ensure permanent reinforcement between root systems and the established vegetation. Curlex excelsior fibers do not float in water unlike other fibers that are used for erosion control and/or sediment control. ... GeoCon Supply LLC knows what you need to make your home erosion control project a success. It may also be manufactured with Recyclex ® TRM or non-woven filter fabrics. Curlex Single Net (Curlex I) This 4’ x 112.5’ (W’x L’) is made of curly wood fibers that have an organic green coloring which helps it blend in like grass. The fibers bond with the soil surface when moistened. GEI Works aims to meet the needs and requirements of any project or area needing erosion conrol. These blankets are commonly applied to channel and ditch linings, slopes, culvert inlets and outfalls, riverbanks, and levees. Used on a very steep grade, seeded grass seed underneath, and it held the soil in place even during torrential rainfall before the seed had even germinated. Curlex Blankets PD_0. 77. CONTACT US. Benefits: Coir fiber has one of the highest durability and tensile strength among all natural fibers. Curlex is the original erosion control blanket. X 225ft. Curlex® SiltTRAP™ – A temporary buffer strip that offers a unique way of trapping and capturing sediment before it is washed away, filling gutters and clogging pipes. straw). Material is seed free and does not contain chemical additives. AEC Premier Straw® Wattles – Made from certified weed-seed-free straw fibers, the dense nature of the finest quality agricultural straw fibers encased in durable netting allows water to pool instead of filtering through. AEC Premier Coconut™ – Made from the finest quality strands of coconut fiber, this erosion control blanket is stitched together using a special UV-enhanced heavy black net on top and bottom.