A Marine (salt water) License is $10. Advanced Search For seniors who are above the age of 65, the license is free. Freshwater species found in Connecticut include American eel, American shad, bluegill, several varieties of trout, bass and perch, walleye and catfish. WHILE FISHING, your license must be upon your person and provided upon the request of an officer. An Inland (fresh water) License is $28. You do not need a fishing license if: Fishing on a fishing preserve that is licensed. Quick Search. On a totally free fishing weekend. To renew your fishing license, simply go to the locations available to get a new fishing license. Connecticut General Statutes 26-28(9) provides that persons 65 years of age or older are entitled to obtain a lifetime fishing license free of charge by applying to their local Town Clerk or any participating licensed agent in Connecticut. Myself along with a lot of others bought our 2018/2019 senior license in Jan and Feb when they still were $5. No special fishing only license for seniors, just the senior license that covers everything except Elk draw and license, Bear license and federal waterfowl stamp. LICENSE YEAR 101 Resident (Annual) 104 Senior Resident (Annual) 105 Senior Resident (Lifetime) 108 1-Day Resident (not valid March 15–April 30) 102 Non-Resident (Annual) The price increase went into effect March 1st this year. Anglers must either possess a valid CT, MA, RI or NY marine fishing license to fish in Connecticut waters. Phone: (860) 424-3000 Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. The fee for a marine permit is $10 for residents aged 16-64. If you are a Native American who lives and fishes on reservation land. A Hunter Safety Course (offered through the State of Connecticut DEEP, Wildlife Division*) must be completed and proof presented to Town Clerk before a license can be issued. A Combination Inland/Marine Fishing license is $32. How do I renew my Connecticut license? Fishing or Hunting License For information about obtaining a fishing or hunting license, contact the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection . Purchase your Connecticut Fishing License Online The state of Connecticut is dotted with lakes, ponds, streams and rivers that offer all types of fishing venues and spots. Free Fishing and Hunting Licenses. Find a listing of your states' hunting and fishing licensing websites and phone numbers at basspro.com for the latest state information and regulations ... State License & Regulation Information. Annual licenses are valid from Dec. 1, 2020, through Dec. 31, 2021. Posted on May 20, 2016 . For non-residents ages 16 and older, the fee is $15. Many states offer discounted hunting or fishing license fees for senior citizens, including Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina and South Carolina. Firearms/Bow Hunting/Trapping. CONNECTICUT The fee for a marine license is $10 for residents age 16 – 64, free for residents over 65 and $15 for non-residents age 16 and older. The age at which seniors can get a free fishing license varies by state, according to the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation.