In the deeper areas (honestly, 1' deep or more) this board is a champ, but the shallow areas will make you suffer. Definitely would recommend this SUP for beginners and intermediates alike. I went out and bought the same one and have been enjoying it ever since. We even took this board on a river float where it ran into all sorts of submerged branches and rocks and was run aground on more than one occasion. It wasn't too many years ago that your choice in production stand up paddle boards came down to exactly two: … Usage I enjoyed using this particular SUP for a first time try. Cons It has a nice wide area towards the nose with a set of bungies for cargo, which we found didn't affect the stability all that much even when loaded up with a dry bag and soft cooler. BIC SPORT 11' Tough-Tec Beach Stand-Up Paddleboard Package. Lake paddling, SUP yoga. I'm in so much pain that I need physiotherapy 1x week. length handles nicely when turning and … Pros It was the best purchase I ever made and my life has been forever changed. Read reviews for the 11'0" Cross by BIC Sport as submitted by your fellow paddlers. Reasonably light, maneuverable and well made. Price was a little much for the quality. Z-Ray Inflatable SUP Windsurfing Board. Pros I like that it is light … When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Stable, great for beginners, more wear-resistant than other SUPs. A little small It's not impossible but can definitely be quite an exertion to carry it for more than a short stretch. Not afraid of dinging it up. This may sound odd, but in my area I have a lot of shallow to mid-depth creeks. It comes with a large deck pad which is great for standing but if want to sit or kneel, also comfortable. Pros Usage Usage Lightweight, great board for touring, fitness, and yoga. Performer's slim profile maneuvers well and glides through the water. It's stability impressed and performance impressed me. In this article we discuss 15 of the very best inflatable SUP boards currently available. We live on a lake & it is perfect. Time’s have changed. Exercise, physiotherapy on my whole body and to destress. We've tested the board in a variety of conditions to find out if a company famous for selling lighters can really produce a quality paddle board. The carrying handle. I had a blast with it paddling around Utah lake shorelines and harbors. I loved it! Usage With a quality, all-around design the board has a keeled nose, allowing the board to track straight and glide well, with plenty of space for family, furry friends, fitness, and fishing. Cons – Bic Sport Paddle Board Review – Sup Board Guide and reviewsWe Test Out the Bic sport Ace-tec paddle board. Exercise & touring around our lake in Colorado. This is a board that is not only useful for fishing, but can also be used for fitness and yoga if you want. We were able to stand, kneel and even practice a bit of awkward yoga. FCS Thruster (3 fin) set up to allow you to switch out between "deep water" fins or "river running" short and/or flexible fins. Also, you can choose the length, there are three lengths, 9.2, 10.6 and 11.6 feet. BIC Sport Australian store, Watersport Leader, SUP, Surf, O'Pen BIC. Usage I bought this board for both paddling and surfing. We... Stumped by SUP’s? They love diving off of it out in the deeper water. I've used it extensively on my local lakes and rivers and I'm looking forward to next season when I hope to try it in the waves at the ocean. Cons And if you're looking at SUPs its because you have a surfer inside you - there's no better feeling that being able to surf a pond, river, lake, or even an ocean. It is light enough to maneuver but sturdy too. Reputable manufacturer. ISLE Surf & … I am 5'4 and an experienced paddler. I have a bad arm, back and shoulder and its so easy to lift and bring down the hill to the water. Big enough to put my 5 year old daughter on the front and take her with me. This stand up paddle board did supremely well in … Stable, light weight, durable. It comes in a couple different colors; mine is the high-gloss red. Was looking for something durable and light and this has been living up to its promise. Pros Usage Touring (Best Overall - Editor's Choice) Due to its portability, the Z … Read More » Calories Burned Stand Up Paddle Boarding January 31, 2020 How Many Calories Can You Burn Through Stand-Up Paddle Boarding? Deck Mount kit is NOT included on older models. Touring,fitness,racing. Fun all around board! We've tested the board in a variety of conditions to find out if a company famous for selling lighters can really produce a quality paddle board. The Bic Sport Slide full foam deck is comfortable and user-friendly for the whole family. Pros Bic Sport Dura-tec Stand Up Paddle Board. it was easy to use and was great on flat water with a bit, very little, current. With unrivaled ease of use and versatility, SUP is a sport and a lifestyle that keeps you one paddle stroke away from adventures big and small. This board is fantastic for families, novices, or anyone who doesn't want to worry about their board getting damaged from a single moment of carelessness. Board Review: Bic Sport Paddle Surf's Bomb Proof 10'6 Ace-Tec Time's have certainly changed. Pros The bad is that is heavy and has the worst deck pad … However, we found that the Cross absolutely crushed it when it came to choppy water. Good in the ocean, on small to medium waves. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! Let us know! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a sporty feeling and precise handling board for wavy or choppy conditions. BIC Sport Dura-Tec Stand Up Paddle Board Review. Usage Usage We review the best inflatable paddle boards and tell you which SUP boards are worth your money. The 10'6 length allows you to.easily, straight, make a "u"turn, ride waves and keep up with the big guys. Overall a decent SUP for the beginner. So far none. Eventually, we found that we wouldn't really want to grab the BIC if we had to carry it solo for more than a couple hundred feet from the car to the water but it does get significantly easier if you have a buddy to help you out. I highly recommend this board for a good all around family board! Pros The rigid, durable structure rides well in the water. The 11' WING (which is based more on a Kayak design) was fun and really cut through the water, however it didn't turn as responsively as the 10'6" ACE-TEC and suffers from a thinner midsection, meaning more effort on your part to keep it level. Otherwise, once I got up and more confident, I had a great time! Usage Many people waste their money on an inferior paddle board. Scoring slightly below average overall, the Cross TOUGH-TEC isn't exactly the easiest paddleboard to move around when you are on dry land, earning a 4 out of 10. I usually take my dog, who likes to stand between my legs, or walks from end to end. Usage Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. very stable. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a durable SUP that feels good to paddle. Definitely worth the investment for this smart board. We generally found it to be relatively hassle-free to slalom this board around obstacles as we approached them. Nothing yet. This paddleboard isn’t the best for maneuver. Cons It's maneuverable and versatile. Durability and stability. it was easy to use and was great on flat water with a bit, very little, current. Whether you're looking for a board just for yourself or the whole family, this quality and durable stand up paddle board from BIC … The center fin is a long box, so if you're buying shorter fin sets, make sure you have a long box adapter* I liked it. There are good deck mount systems out there, from using 3M adhesives, suction cups, or permanent deck mount systems (as in drilling into your board) - just know you'll have a small purchase on top of the board to mount life vests, cargo, etc. The BIC Ace-TEC 10'6" Performer is a very stable and easy to use SUP. Cons The Cross isn't the easiest to paddle on flat water but its stability helps you get good glider when conditions start to get rough. My wife uses it to teach yoga and can anchor it easily for her classes. With unrivaled ease of use and versatility, SUP is a sport and a lifestyle that keeps you one paddle … Needs tie down points. Bic Sport ACS with Adjustable Paddle Review September 10, 2014 By Kenneth Ramey BIC Sport ACS with Adjustable Paddle Stand-up paddle boarding is quickly becoming one of the most popular water sports … The board is incredibly light for its size, however, the light weight sacrifices durability. My full Video Review is Here: It gets about an average amount of glide per stroke on smooth water, with its relative performance to the other boards increasing as conditions get choppier. Light. Nice graphics exercise and recreation use. When it comes to functionality and stability, the Atoll paddle board is unmatched. mostly exercise, Gotta love this paddle board. I dream about MY board. Light weight The BIC has a simple retro … We investigated 6 top of the heap bic sport dura-tec stand up paddle board features over the latter 2 years. Pros I work at a job where I sit and get a sore neck and back. It was a little less unstable if you're not use to standing on a board. Also, it isn’t easy to transport it, it is a heavy paddleboard. Once ‘on board’, SUP offers a uniquely elevated perspective on the water and is a perfect way to explore secluded, hidden coves and coastlines. Can't wait to get it in the ocean. So far exercise and touring on river, lakes and ponds. Usage Contents The world. BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wahine Stand-Up Paddleboard description The BIC Sport ACE-TEC 9'6" WAHINE Standup paddle board incorporates BIC Sport's proprietary ACE-TEC Epoxy/ASA Thermoformed construction technique, giving you the stiffness, weight, and glide characteristics of traditional Epoxy Standup construction with a 30%+ increase in ding resistance and durability due to … Find the size that’s right for you and join the thousands of riders who’ve made the Performer series an international best-seller. You can use it on flat water or surf conditions and it also awesome to do Yoga on. Pros I live up in PARRY SOUND and stay in Barrie so I can work in Toronto. They also look classy out on the lake with your friends. It can be used as a Stand Up Paddleboard, … Used this in rivers, creeks and lakes. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! Just the right size and able to do both flat water and surf with 1 to 3 fin configuration. SO if I had a newer board, I would have no "cons". The padding on the board is comfortable on the feet. It is an absolutely beautiful board! It features the same user-friendly stability and versatility as the smaller models but the 12’ Cross offers higher capacity of up to 350lbs. The Cross' bulk makes it a little slow to turn. Video — BIC's PERFORMER Paddleboard. A paddle board has many rewards over old-style boats. Nice and stable, grippy surface, and not too heavy to carry. Overall impressed with this board. The ability to handle this board with ease from mounting it on my rooftop to gliding across the water. Pros None! This board is one of the burlier models of the bunch, weighing in just shy of 40 pounds, which makes it one of the heaviest boards that we have tested so far. Very stable. Exercise, surf. I've used this board primarily on lake water with a few waves but it has handled well and really stood the test of time. Cons I have owned this board for nearly two years. Thankfully, this board holds up to scratches and scrapes fairly well, making it much easier to load, as we were much more willing to slide it around on crossbars and roof racks — this also brings us to our final testing metric. Don’t really surf paddle so couldn’t say how well it handles in surf. The surfing base of this board is just that - flat. Best 5 Pink Stand Up Paddle Boards SUP To Buy In 2020 Reviews. Cons have to sand it down. Pros BIC Sport 7,651 views. It's also great for just touring around as it is easy to maneuver. The BIC Sport hard paddleboard has a set of bungee for cargo, you can put there a bag or cooler. Exercise, Ocean Paddling, Intro, First Time SUP. ... William Kennedy is a staff writer for RAVE Reviews… The Cross fish has a keeled nose design, which along with its low rocker and long waterline means that it is able to offer better tracking as well as better gliding. Ocean, surfing, cruising, back bays. This stand up paddle board did supremely well in our suite of stability tests, meriting an 8 out of 10 for results. My only problem has been that when I first bought the board I didn't really know what I was doing and I hurt my rotator cuff. Cons It was only a boat wake right next to the Cross or a wave breaking right on the side that managed to knock our us off. Cons It can be used as a Stand Up Paddleboard, paddled as a kayak while sitting down, Fitness and Yoga, or simply used as a fun platform for kids to play on and swim from during the summer holidays. Pros Exercise, surf and touring. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. BIC Sport ACE-TEC Stand-Up Paddleboard description The BIC Sport ACE-TEC 9'6" Standup paddle board incorporates BIC Sport's proprietary ACE-TEC Epoxy/ASA Thermoformed construction technique, giving you the stiffness, weight, and glide characteristics of traditional Epoxy Standup construction with a 30%+ increase in ding resistance and durability due to the ASA outerskin. 1.) Great all around board. I ride a 2013 board, similar to that in the picture. The Cross impressed us with its acceleration right from the start. Cons Pros Usage Pros I used the board for light recreation, a bit of touring and a bit of learning how to stand and paddle at the same time. For all around use for years to come, it doesn't get much better. ... BIC Sport Stand Up Paddle Board. It can get a little wobbly but we only fell off once when a boat waked us out at point-blank range. Great cruiser on flat water and easy to ride in the small surf we have in the Gulf of Mexico. We like this board because is made from a high density foam core that improves buoyancy without adding weight. We have taken them in some rivers with current and boats and they have been stable and easy going against current and handling wake from boats. None I can think of. A: YES! Great way to stay fit and it's fun! Great cruiser on flat water and easy to ride in the small surf we have in the Gulf of Mexico. Pros I like the pad, has a good grip. I don't have to worry about them damaging it because it is so rugged. I love it and my teenage girls love it. Carrying the board across a parking lot to get to the water it was light and easy to maneuver. Ideal equilibrium in the middle of thickness, width, and a superior longboard shape for a stable, balanced, easy to paddle Sup = All colse to carrying out that's affordable and durable. Cons However, it does take a little bit of space if you need to do an about-face, so a three-point turn can become necessary if you are in a narrower channel. The shape is a stable and proven performer for both flat water use and small wave surfing. Because I don't live on a lake and don't have a truck inflatable SUPs … Altogether, these tests also account for 15% of the final score for each SUP. Beautifully finished board. The deck attachment points make this a versatile board … The original ten foot BIC Soft Top is a long time runner in the world of soft top paddle boards. There is really nothing to report here. Pros Once ‘on board’, SUP offers a uniquely elevated perspective on the water and is a perfect way to explore secluded, hidden coves and coastlines. Not a big deal, but it gets rather monotonous. ... Cons Nothing Usage I use it for recreational wind surf & paddle board lessons - would love to own one....hint, hint 5. In my opinion, a good pair of water shoes is a must with this board. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local … BIC Sport Rigid Stand-up Paddleboard. Pros Highly recommend it. Cons It is an inflatable board that can be inflated by hand or more quickly by 12V SUP pump, which is my personal choice. If it's for fitness or just cruising this board is one of the best available The BIC Sport hard paddleboard has a set of bungee for cargo, you can put there a bag or cooler. Light and stable. Dura-Tec is what you need if you need to accelerate through cut-backs, off-the … Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about BIC SPORT 10' Skiff Tough-Tec Stand-Up Paddleboard with Leash at the official West Marine online store. Usage Great all around board! The BIC did fairly well for being such a beefy board, earning a 6 out of 10. Bic Paddle Boards BIC, yes BIC the pen & lighter manufacturer, makes a terrific paddle board. Exercise, touring, This board is awesome for anything you might need it for. Fun sport to participate in. The new 2014 boards come with a factory installed deck mount system. The carbon paddle is worth mentioning too, both because it’s light and has a comfortable handle. However, it was an entirely different story when it came to distance per paddle stroke in rough water. All trademarks property of their respective owners I enjoyed this board. Bic is now deep into the line of paddle board manufacturing, further revolutionizing This article seeks to explore Bic's sport paddle boards in a genuine review of their quality and performance. Riding waves Usage width and high stability—perfect for those looking to take their first paddle on an SUP ; 11 ft. 4 in. Cons Pros It would totally streamline the process of unpacking and loading the board each time! Whether you’re a total beginner, top level pro, zen master or surf seeker, BIC SUP has a full range of boards to suit all skills and all styles. In fact, you can use the BIC Sport Performer SUP Air to paddle, surf, fish, do yoga or ride down rapids. Usage It is a low impact exercise that just about anyone can do. Easy to stand up and maneuver (even for some one new to SUP) and relatively easy to carry. Love everything about it. Our Review And Thoughts On The Bic Sport Ace-Tec Paddle Board. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Very light. exercise, touring. We give this a real world test in real world conditions with beginners as well as our own opinion. She LOVED it. ... 2020 Reviews (BIC, Zup) ... Techno 293 One Design DTT Windsurfing Board by BIC Sport; 2015 Magic Ride 111 FWS Windsurf Board by JP Australian; DoMore All-in-One Watersports Performance Board by ZUP #1. This board has excellent tracking and stability so you can paddle easier and focus on the ride. Exercise, flat water, surf, Yoga. However for every day touring, the "I wonder what's up there?" Allround Flatwater SUP - AIR Like the 10’6 BEACH, the 11’0 BREEZE is an inflatable SUP package that is great value and ideal for use by the whole family. Pros Light and stable. The deck pad had been improved and it much softer your feet and also better for yoga. Read and submit reviews for the 10'6" Performer. Very versatile board. Cons My only complaint, (and trust me I had to really dig deep to find one) is not the board itself it's actually the bag! The most stable, user-friendly board in the BIC Sport lineup, the Tough-Tec Cross SUP makes paddling a breeze for novices up to 285 lbs. Its stable for most riders up to 240 lbs and rides easy. I live on the river so my paddling is predominantly touring and doing some yoga, or at least trying to. I use it in the river every day and also in the surf. There's also an integrated leash plug and integrated deep-set carry handle for easy transport, but sadly, you will need to purchase a separate paddle and leash, since they are not supplied with the BIC Sport Dura-Tec Stand Up Paddleboard. Still working on managing the waves but love the board. I like the weight of the board and stability. Pretty!!! There you have our Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews! I can be in so much pain but when I get on my board and start paddling I stretch all my muscles and no pain and my body feels great and my stress and the rat race of the week in Toronto is gone. nothing ... Best 4 SUP Foil Paddle Board Models For Sale In 2020 Reviews. Cons The Cross stood out from the rest of the group not only for being one of the most resilient to normal wear and tear but by not sacrificing paddling performance for durability's sake. Cons It makes it ideal for progressing into touring or fitness SUP… The BIC Sport DURA-TEC Original Stand up Paddleboard is a paddle board that is designed to be lightweight, durable, and stand up whatever board sport you want to participate in. I know they have improved upon this, which is good. For this metric, we looked not only at how fast each board is in both calm and choppy waters but also at how efficiently it paddles and how far it glides per paddle stroke. As this board is touted by BIC, it is almost indestructible, which makes it great for a family all-around board. Had been using an old windsurfer board. I love this board. It was only a few years ago that you had a small choice of stand up paddle boards. All around good board. They have a wide range of products for every possible type of SUP’ing. This SUP is excellent for all-around use and paddle surfing due to it's grippy deck, three fins, sporty design, and agile handling. Nothing. I am overall very happy with my board. Cons Mostly flat-water cruising/exercise. Cons The internal foam also rebounds a bit after crushing, with the board resuming its normal shape even after we cranked a ratchet strap fairly tight on it to secure it to some crossbars — enough that the board was noticeably deformed. I tried my friends ACE-TEC 10'6 and fell in love with stand ups. We awarded points based on how quickly each board could be maneuvered to avoid an obstacle and on the amount of space required to execute a complete U-turn. iRocker continues to improve its products. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for BIC Sport ACS 11'4 SUP with Adjustable Paddle at stable fast tracks well Pros No complaints If you are willing to spend a little bit more than a budget model but don't want to have to baby your board whenever you are moving it around, the TOUGH-TEC Cross is the perfect choice. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. I think it's worth mentioning that this board does not have a smooth top; the rubber part of the deck is very heavily textured and can kind of wear on bare feet, or knees, after a while. Search by size, regular size, color and shoe size. Pros Cons The hard plastic exterior of this board can take quite a punishment, resisting most scrapes and scratches incurred through normal use. Product Review: The SUP AIR 11 Inflatable Paddle Board from BIC Sports We recently received the new Bic SUP Air 11 inflatable standup paddle board (ISUP). Just got the Wahine 10'6" & love it. The 11’6” board is suitable for riders under 240 pounds. The Cross delivered a respectable set of results but it definitely can't match the agility of the best boards, earning it a 5 out of 10. Has a nice, ego grip handle for carrying it. Durable, fun Cons None. If you’re short on time, check out this comparison table. Prior to buying a board I tested out a few different sizes - the 11'6" was very floaty - great for balance, but I struggled to keep up with my kayak entourage. 2.) GearLab is reader-supported. Design, durability, ease of use Read reviews for the 10'6" Performer by BIC Sport as submitted by your fellow paddlers.